Business And Sport Psychology Improving Athletic Performance – Testimonials

Athletes & Olympians

“I can draw from internal sources of power that I was not fully aware of before. I am now more able to see the opportunity and positivity within situations that I was previously struggling with and I am now a lot happier in those situations! I was able to work through a blockage in my mindset which was affecting my relationship with my coach and my training. Having Izzy as my NLP consultant has transformed me into a powerful, grounded and balanced competitor. ”
~ Elli Terwiel,
Canadian Olympic Ski Team, Sochi 2014
National Ski Team, Team Canada, Nor-Am Slalom Champion

“My mentality has never been stronger. It is amazing to feel at the top of my game all the time in all aspects of life. What is also quite impressive is that I am not the only one to notice the change. I now manage the course without my typical frustrations coming out in my game. My mental focus is sharper and positive. When a shot doesn’t go the way I want it I regain self-control faster than ever.”
~ Ryan Weatherall,
Canadian Jr Golf Assoc. Team Canada East

“Since working with Brain Train International I have had a huge increase in confidence in sport and in general life.  Using the coaching, my personal and life goals have been reached quicker and easier than ever before. I have conquered major goals (including SWITCH 540′s), that i have been working on for the past 5 years and have more confidence in my big mountain skiing as well.  I would recommend Brain Train International to anybody.”
~ Brett Dawley,
Pro Skier

“I have been working with Brain Train International in preparation for the Aspen Open. With their help I have become a more confident competitor who is ready to tackle whatever lies ahead- in competitions AND in life.”
~ Emma Whitman,
Pro Skier, Winner Aspen Open


“I am thrilled to support Izzy’s work and to help her build a legacy of providing exceptional resources to help hockey players.”
~ Doug Lidster,
NHL Coach, Vancouver Canucks
NHL, Stanley Cup Champion, Canadian Olympic Team

“Izzy has been a tremendous help to our players. When I first met Izzy, her calm and soothing demeanor along with her positive reinforcement were evident. I knew these attributes would be an instant benefit to the Kamloops Blazers. I believe her contribution to our hockey club has made a positive impact amongst our players. I am grateful to have developed a relationship with her and would highly recommend her to others.”
~ Guy Charron,
NHL Calgary Flames Alumni, Head Coach Kamloops Blazers WHL Hockey Team 

“Brain Train International helped me focus on the positive outcomes by taking a different approach to my sport. Brain Train International has helped me focus on being great instead of good. I can now focus on being in the moment and having fun and joy in everything I do. Most importantly I believe in myself and I’ve realized that anything IS possible.”
~ Review: Colin Smith,
Colorado Avalanche, WHL All Star

“It’s crazy how much of an impact your brain has on your life and having a strong brain gives you the confidence to succeed in not just sport but in life as well, I want to thank you for giving me the tools to achieve my greatness in life and also in my sport to make me compete at my highest level.”
~ Brendan Randford,
Kamloops Blazers, Dallas Stars

“I finally dealt with what was holding me back, set back, embarrassment, and guilt. I immediately felt my self-esteem rise, as well the results on the ice began to come.”
~ Cam Lanigan,
Canadian Hockey League 2 time Goalie of the Week

“My confidence on the ice went up and I could concentrate on the things to get better and as a result my stats and play has gone up a bunch. Also my overall happiness in life was up! The thing I liked most about this was that it really worked and it worked fast the way I needed it to. I’d recommend her to anyone trying to get their confidence and focus back on the right track.”
~ Chase Souto,
Kamloops Blazers, Bob Winters Memorial Trophy – Grinder of the Year

Professionals & Leaders

“Brain Train International helped me release my old way of dealing with stresses and challenges and focus on the positive always. I have been able to double my business each year since we worked together”
~ Brett McIlwain,
Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games and Sun Life Financial

“I now have a serious advantage in life from being trained to respond to events beyond my control in the most beneficial ways possible. Breakthroughs occurred immediately and the results have rippled into everything I do in life. I possess seemingly super human powers: My mind is clear and focused, I see opportunities rather than problems and subtle fears have transformed into pure confidence. Easily the smartest investment I’ve ever made.”
~ Ryan Kerr,
Solutions for Life – Coaching & Consulting

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Brain Train International. I am amazed at how painless the process was, and the results are spectacular!”
~John Zubak,
Director of Development, Business School, Thompson Rivers University

“Brain Train International creates a safe environment to support you and gives you the tools to build your stronger, more powerful decision making system. If you want satisfaction, empowerment, confidence and peace in your business and personal life, I strongly recommend their services to unlock your potential.”
~Tina Peters BA, CGA,
Partner, Tenisci Piva Chartered Accountants.

“I am employed as a Police Officer. 17 years of Service has taken its toll on my personal health and ‘mental well-being’. Brain Train International provided a clear, measured step by step pathway to mental strength’. ”
~ George U. Buttuls (Cst.),
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Kamloops City Detachment

“Brain Train International creates the right environment to release self-limiting beliefs, triggers of stress and baggage we can carry for years. The techniques used empower, inspire and open the participant to reach goals and desires with confidence, calm, compassion and conviction. The impact is improved relationships, health and an incredible sense of abundance and gratitude.”
~ Sandy Lebermeyer,
Open Door Group.

Corporations & Teams

“They developed their ability to make choices that reflect faith in their own ability rather than fear of failure. When self‐doubt is better dealt with, delegation becomes easier and more effective; a more powerful self‐confidence is naturally developed.”
~ Western Roofing

“Brain Train International used an approach that not only instilled confidence, but was relaxing and rewarding.  Our team members were motivated to immediately implement the techniques, ideas and concepts for the present and long-term. Our entire group was left feeling a new level of energy and the feedback from team members has been overwhelmingly positive: ‘This helped me to understand how to achieve my goals and how to find calm in the chaos’, ‘I know what tools to use when confronted with stressful or difficult situations and how to think clearly to make confident decisions’, ‘I was left feeling relaxed and ready for my next challenge’.”
~ Sun Peaks Resort Corporation

“Knowing how to succeed and actually succeeding are two different things. Brain Train International has mastered the ability to bridge the gap between the two. The difference between first place and second place is all mind set. When you can link the mind to the ability to perform, you create a winner. Brain Train International creates winners.”
~ Dr. Matthew B. James, MA, Ph.D.,
President of The Empowerment Partnership

“Brain Train International provides sound foundation in human behavior with a keen awareness of the human condition. The company successfully translates often-difficult concepts into step by step learning and measurable results”.
~ Dr. Patrick Scott,
Executive Vice President and Clinical Director of Head’s Up Guidance & Wellness Centers of Nevada