Mental Performance Growth – Why You Should Work With Us!

It’s all about you! We get to know your needs by starting with an Assessment and Evaluation of your perceived state of confidence and mental performance. This allows us to get an objective baseline before we begin including your goals, limiting beliefs, personal and professional challenges and the competitive situations you would like to overcome. We discuss core themes that may have held you back from expressing your true potential. You can begin your journey to becoming the person you know you can be today by completing this questionnaire or contacting us.

BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants takes you to a place of growing confidence and performance in every aspect. With our custom-designed performance intelligence programs, we show you how to significantly alter your own perceived ability to influence your own emotional and mental state of mind.

With breakthroughs and results with measurable improvements in individual performance from your very first One-To-One session, you will gain perspective and balance that you had, but didn’t use before. BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants provide you with a balance that removes powerful triggers of negative emotions such as despair, insecurity, and others that have held you back in the past.

For example, if you respond to situations where anger changes the focus of situations, you will learn how to move through that emotion in a way that you can feel better about. Anger is sometimes a very appropriate response, but you don’t want that emotion to upstage the reason for the interaction. We help you gain control to speak and act appropriately.

Confidence is gained in how you handle a situation and how you feel about yourself during and after. The process eliminates certain triggers and changes your response immediately so you can flow through a challenging emotion with control, integrity, and intent that is appropriate.

You can expect consistent, measurable results in how you manage emotions that would have derailed you before.

Another example – Stress: The subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between real and imagined stress. The process immediately eliminates the triggers that point to stress-induced reactions helping you to discern that there is stress or a problem. Clients cope with a reduced state of stress that is conscious, however, this keeps them from peaking to extreme emotion and spiralling into an ineffective state.

When stress hits, most people shut down mentally and physically. When stress is eliminated, the negative tax on your body through increased blood pressure, heart rate and other physical and mental symptoms, are also removed.

How Does It Work?

We specialize in eliminating unhelpful patterns of thought through behavior change, by upgrading the efficiency of the brain to access optimum, appropriate, levels of behaviour under pressure. Our trademarked techniques and custom-designed performance intelligence programs are based on research and years of training. You are always in a state of control and know what is going on in every One To One session.

Each time we meet we continue to build on changes that will support your goals. At the end of each One To One session, you will feel rested and relaxed. Together we work to quickly find the source of the patterns in the mind that hold you back from developing accelerated levels of performance and a deep and quiet confidence. We release the pattern at the source and upgrade how you react and respond.

How Is Your Success And Mental Performance Growth Monitored?

Your specific breakthroughs and results with measurable improvements are monitored. Following an initial Assessment and Evaluation, and prior to program commencement, we focus on each client’s specific performance needs.

At the end of the training program, we review your perceived state of mind and compare it with changes that have been made. A metric scale measures the depth to which the desired changes have been made. Key performance indicators evaluate your success.

At BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants, the work we achieve together is comprehensively centered on your desired achievement outcomes in terms of confidence, performance and focus. This is the key to each client’s success.

Can Anyone Be A Client Of BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants?

Yes and No. The work we do together at BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants is ground-breaking. We have found that many of our clients who are successful in the application process share similar qualities.

They are already self-driven, determined to get results and are open-minded. Many of our clients are looking to develop Olympic levels of mental performance. An initial Assessment and Evaluation will help us determine if the One To One work we do is right for you.

We invite you to complete our survey to see how we can help you accelerate your confidence and performance.