Welcome to BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants

From Olympic Athletes and NHL players to Business and Government Leaders, we are the Performance Consultants who work with performance-driven-professionals that want to train their brain to work smarter and desire specific, evidenced and measured results.

We will increase your leadership effectiveness and develop Olympic level mental performance. This highly personalized process begins by identifying your best leadership practices and your challenges.

Where you’ve been stuck, we’ll move you forward. Where you have blind spots, we will help you see. Where you’ve been frustrated, together we will get at the root causes and find solutions.

We help dynamic, successful Leaders in business, elite sport and public service to develop the growth mindset that activates their potential – releasing self-limiting beliefs that negatively affect their confidence and mental and physical performance.

We create custom-designed performance intelligence programs for leaders to achieve specific breakthroughs and results with measurable improvements in individual performance and business outcomes.

To do this we use our award-winning proprietary system, The Performance Intelligence Protocol™.

We provide specialist training to accelerate performance by activating deeper intelligence.

Our clients stay at the top of their game even when they naturally reach higher levels of leadership as a result of us working with us.

Why Confidence? Confidence affects our performance. It affects how we deal with stress and how we fulfil our potential to achieve the results we desire.

Whether it is in sports, training, sales, presentations, garnishing public or professional opinion or working in the media, confidence is the underlying factor determining mental and physical performance and an overall strong mind.

You Can Expect These Specific, Measurable, Exceptional Results… Guaranteed!

  • Specific and Measurable Results to address Overwhelm, Brain Overload, Non-Optimal Physical, Emotional and Mental Performance.
  • From Analysis Paralysis to Appropriate Emotional Response in Public Situations.
  • Advanced Emotional Intelligence for High-Level Conflict Resolution.
  • From Feeling Overwhelmed and Disconnected to Sharper Focus and Accuracy to Raise Your Game.
  • Cross Brain Re-Training – From Elite Sports to Olympic Levels of Mental Performance in the Boardroom, the Operating Theatre, Public Arenas and Beyond.
  • Proven Results Using Proprietary Trademarked Techniques.
  • Immediate, Consistent Results.
  • Deeper Levels of Self Trust, Self Esteem, Faith in Own Ability and Confidence.
  • A Uniquely Tailored Program for Individual Needs – Working with Consultants that Have an Exceptional Track Record of Results.
  • One to One Confidence Annual Programs.
  • Enjoyment of High-Pressure Situations.
  • Better Sleep.
  • Value – Lasting Results Beginning in the Very First Session!

Our clients are already self-driven, determined to get results, and open-minded. Our clients are leaders in personal development and value their time. Often, our clients appear confident on the outside to their peers but struggle internally.

We specialize in eliminating unhelpful patterns of thought through behavior upgrades. Everything we do is based on research and years of training.

Together we work with you personally, to quickly find the source of the patterns in the mind that hold you back from developing a deep and quiet confidence. We release the pattern at the source and upgrade how you react and respond.

Our clients value their time, energy and resources. The work we do is fast and lasting. Our work results in results… specific, measurable results.

Our Clients Include:

  • Competitive and Professional Athletes – Ranging from High Calibre to Olympians to Professional Drivers.
  • NHL Players.
  • Business Professionals – Including Entrepreneurs, Sales People, CEOs, CFOs, Fund-Raisers.
  • Public Servants – Including Politicians, Military, RCMP.
  • Professionals – Doctors, Lawyers.
  • Celebrities – Media Personalities, Public Figures.
  • Community Leaders.
  • Corporations.
  • And More!

top 8 traits button

  1. Sleep Well.
  2. Quiet Confidence; Peace of Mind.
  3. Sense of Humour and Fun to be Around.
  4. Quick Thinkers; Able to Take Action.
  5. Put People First, Rules Second.
  6. Focused; Have a Clear Direction.
  7. Enjoy the Energy of Challenge; Can Understand a Threat and Move Past It.
  8. Enjoy Learning and Seek Self-Development.
  9. Trust Own Judgement.
  10. Exhibit Self-Control.

The Process:

We will begin and end with a robust performance and confidence assessment – this way we can identify specific needs and measure your progress. We will work together using Skype or Facetime.

Each program begins with a call strategy analysis to stay on task and identify the specific and desired results for that session and beyond.

Each monthly One To One Breakthrough Training Package is completed using a post-session review, which identifies the valuable and meaningful insights that have resulted from the sessions, as well as the actions you will now naturally take to make excellent use of the breakthroughs that have occurred each and every month.

The behavioural upgrade is cemented and double checked. The monthly evidence log of success builds into a powerful record of success and mental strength development.

After the initial personal performance training, you may request and apply to develop your foundational training and accelerate your momentum of success by working with us further – once, twice, three times a month regularly.

To be accepted into a Maintainance Momentum Training Program we assess the long-term determination as well the desire to increase results. Most importantly we review the success and satisfaction in the results we have achieved together so far.

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