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Act calmly under pressure

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Physical, mental and emotional stress can cause exhaustion, fatigue and burnout.

Instead, imagine consistently performing at your best, with peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. How? The ground-breaking, proprietory ‘Performance Intelligence Pathway™’, created by leading expert Isabelle Hampton-Stone, can help you access the elusive ‘zone state’ – This elusive state of optimal performance can occur in a variety of settings, including sports, artistic endeavors, and academic pursuits. Through this revolutionary method, you can achieve real-time breakthroughs and performance increases and unlock your full potential.

Are you ready to feel fulfilled, confident and motivated as you tap into your inner powerhouse, your inner brilliance, and your full potential?

Rob Wallis Vela Wealth

Rob Wallis

Partner & Senior Advisor, VELA Wealth

“I was stressed all of the time. Now I can be present for the journey”

The Challenge:

Managing and delivering on the expectations I had placed on myself for family, business, health, social and emotional were a challenge. I was stressed all of the time, burned out, impatient, not present, irritable, inauthentic, had low energy, slept poorly, and made poor dietary choices. I was surviving not thriving, and everything was a chore – I knew that a shift was needed.

The Approach:

The first conversation I had with Izzy was genuine, vulnerable and it opened a door that I wanted to walk through and explore transformation. Finding limiting root causes, accessing healing, and moving on is freeing and exciting. I want this for everyone.

The Result:

I am now present, calm, exercising more, taking on more, drinking less, eating better, enjoying and designing routines, sleeping better, and my business and client work is going so well… it’s exciting! I am in love with communicating and can create the future… live it… and be present for the journey.

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Mark Recchi

Five-Time Stanley Cup Champion

Shawn Fehr

President IBABC Board of Directors

Gord Bamford

Global Country Artist of the Year (CMA)

Mark Recchi 5-Time Stanley Cup Champion

“Izzy helps many hockey players, including NHL, be better teammates and better players. She will help you deal with the ups and downs of hockey and develop a steady state of mind so that you can play more consistently.” Read more

Mark Recchi

Five-Time Stanley Cup Champion

Shawn Fehr IBABC

“I wanted to be the best father and business partner that I could be. I was drained, exhausted, and couldn’t see the forest through the trees. With Izzy, we addressed the root causes of my mental challenges. I have now increased my ability to prioritize, deal with worry and stress, and maintain focus and energy. Costs are being reduced because I’m more efficient and I have doubled my productivity. Knowledge equals power. My life has been turned around.” Read More

Shawn Fehr

President IBABC Board of Directors

Gord Bamford CMA Winner

I couldn’t get work off my mind. I was lacking in sleep. Too many things were slipping between the cracks. I was not efficient. Izzy was great to work with and provided a bigger picture. Since working with Izzy, everything has been positive; my time management, my listening skills, and I have a more calm approach from day to day. I have found ways to succeed and am doing stuff a bit more out of the box.” Read More

Gord Bamford

Global Country Artist of the Year (CMA)

Re-train your brain

“I can draw from internal sources of power that I was not fully aware of before…”

Elli Terwiel, Canadian Olympic Ski Team
Nor-Am Slalom Champion read more of Elli’s story here

Instead of accepting stress as an inevitable part of success, you can retrain your brain to release stress triggers.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have knowing you can perform at your best under pressure.

Yes. It’s possible, and you can do it.

Meet Isabelle

Mental Performance Coach

Meet Isabelle

“I understand what it’s like when your habits and mindset hold you back.” 

This is why I am a Mental Performance Coach for high achievers like you. My clients re-train their brains to perform calmly and powerfully under pressure.

When you work with me, we’ll use my custom-designed Performance Intelligence Pathway™. It is results-driven, evidenced, measurable and immediate.

You will be able to release long-held, self-limiting thought patterns. You’ll achieve full activation of a strong, healthy, powerful, and successful state of mind and increased performance.

Isabelle Hampton-Stone, M.Sc.
Founder of Brain Train International


Isabelle coached a pro hockey player under pressure to perform.

His points per game increased by 379% 

Isabelle coached a national business and policy leader struggling with overwhelm to

turbocharge themselves and their business.


Isabelle coached a paramilitary leader struggling with brain overload to

increase is mental energy to become more decisive and impactful. 

Isabelle Hampton-Stone is the

author of the multinational #1 Best Seller Hockey Confidence

How it works




Let’s focus on you and start by getting clear on where you are and where you want to go. Complete this survey for your Mental Performance Coach.




Isabelle will then get to work! Book a full mental performance assessment and evaluation and get raw data so you can measure your results.




Achieve tremendous results together, while having fun. Isabelle will provide pathways to get specific, measured, and evidenced results.

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