Human Performance Consultant – Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc

Best Selling Author and Lead Human Performance Consultant Isabelle Hamptonstone is also CEO of the award-winning BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants.

BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants provide specialist training to accelerate performance by activating deeper intelligence.

Isabelle is the Olympic and NHL Confidence and Performance Consultant and creator of the Ultimate Confidence, Performance, and Inner Strength Technique TM. She specializes in Mental and Emotional Trigger Release to upgrade the efficiency of the brain to establish optimum levels of behavior under pressure. Isabelle is also a Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Empowerment. She is AIP Certified, holds a Master of Science and is a PhD Candidate.

Isabelle has vast experience working with hockey players, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, and national business leaders in the private and public industry. She has the ability to make people feel heard and her quiet presence provides comfort and assurance.

Isabelle lives in Sun Peaks, British Columbia Canada with her partner, artist William Dallimore and their two Maine Coon cubs. Izzy is currently fitting in speaking engagements following her book’s success.

Some of the NHL Endorsements for Hockey Confidence

“I am thrilled to support Izzy’s work and to help her build a legacy of providing exceptional resources to help hockey players, coaches, and parents. Enjoy reading this book and building your own Hockey Confidence!”                                                                                                                    ~ Doug Lidster,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               NHL, Stanley Cup Champion, Canadian Olympic Team.

“We all know that sport and life is dealing with situations and being strong in the face of adversity. Give yourself the knowledge gained from Izzy, and arm yourself with the tools to not only make you a better athlete but a better person”.                                                                                 ~ Corey Hirsch,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               NHL, Canadian Olympic Team

“The game of hockey is a tough sport, physically and mentally. Growing up I heard  ‘The game of hockey is 10% physical and 90% mental.’  This book gives you the tools that will help with the 90%”.                                                                                                                                                              ~ Darryl Sydor,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NHL All-Star, Stanley Cup Champion.

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Other Cool Facts About Human Performance Consultant Isabelle:

Izzy credits her volunteer military background for her discipline and her hard-working mother for her tenacity.

After learning to ski in her mid-20’s, she moved to Canada to follow her dream to teach skiing. It was while she was a ski instructor that Izzy noticed a phenomenal correlation between upgrading mindset and increased confidence.

This initiated ten years of education, training, research and testing focusing on the brain’s ability to overcome confidence obstacles. Specifically, she was interested in the role confidence played in overall mental performance and what would be the most impactful and direct means of seeing great results. Hence, BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants was born.

Born in South Wales, she has lived in Andorra (the sixth smallest European nation bordering Spain and France), the east coast United States, Breckenridge Colorado, and Sun Peaks, British Columbia.

At age 16 she was the youngest person to take part in the Royal Geographic Society expedition to the Arctic Circle to survey the land by foot. This was some serious camping!
She was an Air Force cadet and a Reservist Officer in the British Army and became a qualified glider pilot at 16 years old.

Her ideal dinner party would include Jeremy Clarkson, The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, EDM’s Steve Aoki, Taylor Swift, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc and Daniel Craig.

Izzy dreams of driving a supercar in Germany’s Nurburgring ring, just like the guys in Top Gear!