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Olympic, NHL, And Executive Performance Consultant – Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc.


CEO Isabelle Hamptonstone, MSc. is a leading Olympic, NHL, And Executive Performance Consultant who has developed and trademarked a powerful, effective and proven results driven Performance Intelligence Protocol™ that has changed how we treat mental health and performance training today. She specializes in upgrading the efficiency of the brain to establish optimum levels of behaviour under pressure.

Her proprietary, award-winning system has been a game changer for extremely talented and driven leaders, and professional sportsmen and women, who battle with stress, overwhelm, and self-limiting beliefs that affect their confidence and performance.

Isabelle works with Olympic Athletes, NHL Players, Executive Business and Government Leaders and Emergency Response Directors, and other top sports professionals to train their brains to function at higher order performance levels with specific, evidenced and measured results.

With emerging market leaders seeking more creative and effective ways to be competitive in what is a rapidly changing global business and sports performance culture, Isabelle’s ground breaking Protocol provides them with a drug free, proven, performance enhancement methodology that produces immediate and outstanding outcomes.

Isabelle is the only woman to break into a historically male dominated professional hockey field with her own evidenced results Mental Health and Performance Training. She was named by one NHL Agent as “the NHL’s secret weapon,” and she has won multiple awards for her success.

She is also the author of the #1 International Best Selling Book ‘Hockey Confidence’:

Isabelle has the ability to make people feel heard and her presence provides comfort and assurance. She credits her volunteer military background for her discipline, and her hard-working single mother for her tenacity.

After learning to ski in her mid-20’s, she moved to Canada to follow her dream to teach skiing for a season. It was while she was teaching skiing that Izzy noticed a phenomenal correlation between upgrading mindset and increased confidence.

This initiated decades of education, training, research and testing focusing on the brain’s ability to overcome confidence obstacles that resulted in people developing self-limiting beliefs.

Her greatest joys to date have come from training Stanley Cup, Top Executives and Olympic Champions, and the helicopter pilots and ski guides at the prestigious Mike Weigele Heli Ski Resort, where she was honored to work with the most senior heli ski guide in the world.

She was an Air Force Cadet and a Reservist Officer in the British Army. She became a qualified glider pilot at 16 years old. She spent years as a teenager watching and re-watching the film Top Gun, which fuelled her fascination for the need for speed, results and performance under pressure!

Lead with confidence and function at higher order performance levels.
Specific, evidenced, and measured results, guaranteed!


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