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Olympic, NHL, And Executive Performance Consultant Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc.


CEO Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc. is a leading Olympic, NHL, And Executive Performance Consultant who specializes in upgrading the efficiency of the brain to establish optimum levels of performance under pressure.

olympic performance consultant

She has developed and trademarked the powerful and proven results-driven Performance Intelligence Protocol™. Her proprietary, award-winning system has been a game-changer – she has transformed the speed at which performance can be enhanced.

Isabelle is the only woman to break into a historically male dominated professional hockey field with her proprietary performance system that produces specific and measured results. She was named by one NHL Agent as “the NHL’s secret weapon,” and has won multiple awards for her success.

With emerging market leaders seeking more creative and effective ways to be competitive, in what is a rapidly changing global performance culture, Isabelle’s ground breaking Protocol provides powerful drug free performance enhancement.

Isabelle works with:

Senior Executives.
Olympic Athletes.
NHL Players.
Stanley Cup Champions.
Business and Government Leaders.
Emergency Response Directors.
Heads of Para-Military Organizations.
Network Presidents.

Her clients ask for her help as they often battle with stress, overwhelm, and self-limiting beliefs that affect their confidence and performance.

Isabelle helps them to activate untapped potential by systematically clearing the mental roadblocks that impact leadership confidence.

She is also a Motivational Keynote Speaker for improving confidence and performance.

She is Also the Author of the #1 International Best Selling Book ‘Hockey Confidence’



Do you feel mentally exhausted?
Find it hard to be consistent?
Feel anxious about your performance?
Lay awake at night worrying?
Find it hard to focus?


Hockey Confidence Interview

Isabelle has the ability to make people feel heard and her presence provides comfort and assurance. She credits her volunteer military background for her discipline, and her hard-working single mother for her tenacity.

She spent years as a teenager watching and re-watching the film Top Gun, which fuelled her fascination for the need for speed, results and performance under pressure!

Learning to ski as an adult, skiing is now one of her greatest passions. She often uses her own mental performance tools to deal with pressure situations in wilderness environments!

Isabelle’s greatest professional joy to date is training helicopter pilots and ski guides at the prestigious Mike Weigele Heli Ski Resort, where she was honoured to work with the most senior heli-ski guide in the world. The comment, ‘you are never, ever too old to learn’ encourages Isabelle to continue to develop, improve and share these learnings each day.


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Reach Powerful Levels of Olympic Mental Performance - Freeing You to Pursue a Life of Untapped and Unprecedented Levels of Success.


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