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Isabelle Hampton-Stone’s Mission

To specialize in helping clients master confidence with elevated mental and physical performance with immediate and lasting results.

Whether you’re an Olympic Athlete, NHL Player, Executive, Business, and Government Leader, Isabelle provides confidence that is immediate, consistent, and results-driven with her custom-designed Performance Intelligence Protocol™.

This specialist training helps highly motivated individuals release long-held, self-limiting thought patterns enabling full activation of a strong, healthy, powerful, and successful state of mind and increased performance by activating deeper intelligence.

Confidence Affects Everything


How well we sleep, deal with stress, deal with conflict, respond to goals and targets, relate to family, friends, and co-workers, deal with anxiety, and most importantly, how we feel about ourselves.

Isabelle’s Award-winning Proprietary System The Performance Intelligence Protocol™ is results driven, evidenced, measurable and immediate.

Powerful positive changes within each client are the result of each individually, personally, custom-designed Performance Intelligence Program.

Isabelle provides the tools, knowledge, and experience that enhance her client’s confidence and performance.


how to avoid stress


Stress Is One Of The Biggest Inhibitors Of Confidence And Leadership Performance


Athletic or otherwise, stress is also the root cause when health and relationships decline.

Stress doesn’t just affect your performance – it also affects the enjoyment you get out of life.

Many books or counsellors teach coping techniques to deal with stress – Isabelle eliminates the stress points by changing the way you handle stress. Thus, stress will no longer attack or inhibit your performance, focus, health, and wellbeing.

Without stress, you can focus on your own goals and achieve them.

Eliminating the effects of stress is just one of the ways in which Isabelle helps you re-train your brain to access the ‘Zone of Peak Performance’ on Demand, and become a more confident person with higher levels of performance.

Confidence Helps You Discover Far More Potential


Anxiety, guilt, anger, hurt, and frustration – all feelings that repress overall confidence.

When we are bogged down by the effects of negativity, our mental and physical performance suffers.

The effects of strong confidence include self-control, focus, and motivation.

From their very first One To One, Isabelle’s clients notice immediate changes in the way they respond to situations.

They respond with more control without letting negative emotions consume them as they may have before.


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Olympic And Pro Athletes
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What Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc. Olympic, NHL, And Executive Performance Consultant Is Not:


The services Isabelle provides are not counseling or life coaching. She deals with the root causes of a client’s confidence roadblocks to quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly upgrade how their mind performs under pressure.


Results are expected in each One To One, where Isabelle:

Provides a Mental Performance Assessment and Evaluation.

Identifies Mental Performance goals.

Identifies roadblocks and uncovers current patterns and challenges.

Develops a personalized action plan and tailored program that clearly states your goals and defines the steps to get there.

Provides training, tools, and techniques to positively impact your mental performance under pressure.

Conducts One To One personalized and focused consultations online.

Gives you immediate, measurable, consistent, and lasting results.

Provides reports and articles for further training when required.

Provides progression tracking, including a re-assessment and re-evaluation for accountability and to monitor results.

Guarantees you are one step closer to confidence and higher levels of performance after EVERY consultation!


About Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc.


Isabelle has spent over 15 years researching, testing, and developing the now trademarked techniques for delivering Olympic levels of mental performance both in sports and in business.

It was when Isabelle asked herself “What is the fastest way to achieve mental and physical performance?” that she began her quest for answers which ultimately lead to her being a World-Class leader in her field.


Reach Powerful Levels of Olympic Mental Performance - Freeing You to Pursue a Life of Untapped and Unprecedented Levels of Success.


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