With So Much Going On In The World Right Now I’m Afraid Of Getting Ill. What can I do?

That is a bloody good question. 

Firstly, you’re not the only person that feels like this. Worries can breed like bunnies. We may see other people afraid of getting ill and say;

“what if that happened to me?”
“will my family cope?”
“How will it impact them?”
“Will I be able to work?” …
You get the gist.

Worry and stress and being afraid of getting ill can affect our immune system. 

Imagine yourself driving on an icy road, the road represents your immune system. If we are driving that icy road stressed,  with our hands gripping the steering wheel, we’re holding our breath because we’re so worried, and our heart is racing, the likelihood of us coming off that road greatly increases.

Now this time imagine yourself driving on an icy road, the road represents your immune system. This time, you are aware of the potential hazards in good time, you are alert, your breathing is regular, your heartbeat is steady, and your grip on the steering wheel is firm and you are focused. The likelihood of you being able to deal with a tough situation greatly increases. In this scenario, your immune system is able to support you as well as it possibly could, and you reach your destinations safely and securely.

How does this play out in real life?

Last December I was diagnosed with Long Covid and left with a condition that has affected my central nervous system. There is no cure, and the doctors are learning how to manage the condition.

Over the long months, I have had many situations where the more I worried, the more my symptoms got worse. Just today, my hubby had to write a birthday card for me because my hands were shaking. As I watched my hand shaking, I realized that my heart was racing, I was sweating, I felt sick at the thought of not being able to write.

The moment I realized what I was focussing on, the fear of not getting better, I gave myself a kick up the backside. The worry was making things seem worse and it was making my handshake more.

As I went to pick up my cup of tea an hour later, I started to see the shaking happen again. Bugger. this time I made myself do something different. I focussed on visualizing a strong nervous system, a strong immune system, and having gentle and firm breathing… and the shaking greatly reduced! #mindovermatter

I encourage anyone who wants to be healthier to focus stubbornly on being healthy as an immediate goal right at this moment.

Though many of us are faced with physical challenges right now, this attitude shift has been helping me to recover at an increased rate compared to my long covid cohort.

It seems natural to worry because it’s become a habit. If you want to, you can stubbornly and focus on your ability to thrive and make that your new habit.

Stay healthy.

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, train your brain to expand the operating system by dealing with limiting beliefs that cause stress and anxiety keeping you awake at night, get in touch. 

It’s what I do… powerfully.

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