Are You Feeling Stressed? 

In recent years, the pandemic has changed our lives and rewritten the way we work, communicate, and socialize.  

For some of us, if not all of us, whether successful or unsuccessful, they’ve been some of the most stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting periods in our lives.

The pandemic brought the need to adapt, pivot, innovate, and reinvent while continuing to move forward. How can we make this less demanding on ourselves? 

On June 2nd, I was delighted to participate in a radio interview with NL Morning News to discuss an article I had written about more than 5 Practical Ways To Manage Stress. Check out the following Managing Stress Interview: 

With a few years of global pandemic experiences under our belt, one of the most common themes I still hear is the perception of not having enough time in the day. 

According to Statistics Canada, the Top 5 main pressures for Canadians after years of COVID include health, financial concerns, work, family, and the feeling of not having enough time. 

Here Are 5 Practical Ways To Manage Stress To Help You Reduce It And Ensure Enhanced Productivity, Happiness, And Success

1. Manage Your Priorities:

Learn from those who have managed incredible stress for decades using The Triage System. If you missed the related blog article about managing your priorities as efficiently as an Emergency Response (ER) Department, read this Leadership And Coaching | Develop The Mindset Of An ER Doctor article to learn how. 

2. Be Compassionate Busy!

Being Crazy Busy can affect your memory, judgment, and impulse control. Make sure to give time to yourself each day. 

3. Prepare and Automate:

Set the important tasks you must do for the following week each week. Actively add them to your schedule. Allocate a length of time to ‘work,’ including ‘housework,’ and allocate the same length of time that you would allocate to your best friend who is coming to help you. This will help you take a step back or ‘disassociate’ from how much you ask yourself to do each day. 

4. Share Your Responsibilities:

Delegate to other people where possible. Usually, someone else loves the tasks you don’t like to do.   

5. Self-care is a Discipline:

Each day, plan to go for a walk, walk ten minutes in one direction, turn around and walk 10 minutes back. Just 20 minutes out of your day can be a game-changer.  

If the pandemic taught us anything, lockdown brought us a stillness many of us haven’t faced in a long time. During this short period, we were allowed to step back and reflect on our past, present, and future. 

As we grow closer to a fully post-pandemic environment, simple, practical methods can help you address your stress daily and give you more focus, consistency, and results.    

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