NLP Stage Anchoring – simple tip you can use right now

How to anchor an emotional journey to a physical experience.






Perhaps you remember the story of Pavlov and his dogs. He would feed his dogs and ring a bell at the same time. After a while, he would simply ring the bell and with no food in site,  the dogs would have a response, they would salivate.


(perhaps you’ve done something similar to train a pet? I did this with my Maine Coon cat.  He’s now been trained to give me a high 5 and he’s trained me to make sure I put a blanket down on my lap when he wants a cuddle – who trained who here??)


Now although NLP stage anchoring is an in-depth subject that merits time with an NLP trainer to fully master, there is a tip that i can share with you which may help you right now.


You can anchor your stage to deepen the connection your audience has with you at a subliminal level.


Speak and address the emotional challenges and conflicts of your story standing on one part of the stage. See yourself diving into the emotional struggle in this starting point of the story’s journey.


Then share the learnings of your speech in the middle of the stage. This is your space of transition and transformation. 


Allow the audience to feel how good it is to be further away from the original conflict by celebrating breakthroughs and victories on the other side of the stage.


Personal tip: I work left to right from the audience perspective, the same as if they were reading a book. Its a starting point and direction of a journey that they are familiar with.


This tip can help you to anchor an emotional journey of transformational learning to a physical journey that is the size of your stage.


If you want to dive in more, get in touch,


Til then, here’s to you and your ability to connect and inspire!  Izzy.

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