Would You Like Stronger Hockey Confidence?

A Stronger Hockey Confidence Contributes To The Drive And Desire You Have To Win.

When levels are low, you procrastinate, feel tired and drained, and you feel less confident and can become slow and unresponsive.

Sound familiar?

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Are Negative Thoughts Leading You To Experience Stress On The Ice?

Is mid-season stress on the ice getting you down?
Is your development as a player stalling?

We’ve all seen stress on the ice show up and how it can affect us in a variety of different ways.

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Is Anxiety Impacting Your Hockey Performance?

Anxious about that upcoming grudge game?
Worried about playing at your best?
Is Anxiety Impacting Your Hockey Performance?
Is your fear of failure defeating you?

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Are You Interested In Growing Your Business? Then Let’s LinkUp!

Do you have a fantastic business idea that you would like some assistance with getting off the ground?

Would you relish the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals to exchange ideas with and expand your network of connections?

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Play Hockey? Not Reaching Your Full Potential?

When you play hockey, are there moments during practice where you think, “When are things going to get better” or “When am I going to get better”?

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How To Avoid Stress Mounting Up This Year

Struggling to be 100% and avoid stress when it hits?

You are not alone.

Stress can sometimes consume us and can distract us, and slow us down from achieving our goals.

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Struggling with Hockey Coach Feedback?

You are not alone. Many of my players struggle with connecting with their Hockey Coach.

Here’s the learning:

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New Year, New Daily Routine

Sometimes, after a well-deserved break, we can end up going back to a familiar daily routine.

John Maxwell wrote: “You’ll never change your life until you change your routine. The secret of your success is in your daily routine.”

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Supercharge Your Visualization To Supercharge Your Hockey Performance

Picturing an outcome is a key way to focus on results and supercharge your hockey.

Visualizations are used to prepare the mind and the body to score that goal, to win that faceoff, to get the puck in the net.

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Successful Characteristics Of World Champions #braintrainwin

A HUGE Congratulations To #braintrainwin Scholar Gabriella Guarducci – She’s Been Selected To Compete In The World Freestyle Championships!


In coaching World Champions, Olympic Athletes, NHL Players and Business Leaders from across the world, some common characteristics have shown up. Characteristics of World Champions that you can replicate and generate more success for you.

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