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101-Short-Steps-to-Radiance-New-Cover-197About 101 Short Steps to Radiance

Do you want to feel better and better each day?
Do you want to train your brain to see the world from a brighter, more positive perspective?
Do you want to develop your focus, confidence and control to experience more joyful and fulfilled relationships?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.

This is a book of experience.
Your experience.


You are at your most powerful when your mind is clear and focused. You feel confident, you sound captivating, and you even look more attractive. You radiate great energy and people are drawn towards you.

When you change how you think, you change what you draw into you lives and ultimately how you experience your world.

This book provides simple training to develop a new habit of seeing the world from a brighter, more positive perspective.


Online & Amazon Reader Reviews

An absolute must!
“This book is excellent. It has–as the title states–101 daily non daunting or time intensive routines that will improve your outlook on life. I highly recommend it!”
~ wickyb123, Amazon Customer, Dec 15 2012

On the Road to Radiance
“Really enjoying this book. Half way through the 101 steps. You are to read and do one action a day, not overwhelming,. Each action is for you or about you, to become a more radiant person. My sister and I are doing it together, I send her the action each day which helps me remember it. Its been great connecting with her each day (she really needed it) but I realized how much I did too. I am so much happier, grateful and content during a very busy time.”
~ WorkinProgress, Amazon Customer, Nov 8 2012

“I like to read Izzy’s book twice a day: once in the morning to prepare me for the day and then at the end so that I can reflect on the day. I have used this book to assist in my decision making. Prior to using the book my body would try and tell what I wanted (or didn’t want) but I was unaware and unable to connect my brain to what my body was clearly trying to tell me. Since gaining the knowledge I’ve been able to make better choices in a clear, logical and thoughtful manner.”
~ Andrea RA, Online Purchase Customer

“A wonderful easy book to read and follow each one step a day, beautifully written, helps to change ones mindset from negative thinking to positive thinking.”
~ Taffy, Amazon Customer, Jan 28 2012

Worth its weight in gold
“I have been using this book for 6 weeks and the transformation that the tools in this book have enabled me to make are phenomenal. The daily steps are so straight forward that incorporating them into my daily routine has been easy. Everyday I look forward to seeing what Isabelle is going to teach me today. I am happier, more productive, focussed and feel more fulfilled in every aspect of my life. This book is an invaluable tool for anybody who actively wants to make their life, in a nutshell, simply better.”

~ retailtherapykamloops, Amazon Customer, Feb 15 2012

Easy Read, Simple Steps, Highly Effective
“Just received our copy of the book this past week, opened it serendipitously to a page, and we’re already applying what we learned – the `de-anxiety’ tool of focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t. How marvelously simple and simply effective! If this is any indication of the value of the content, the I can’t IMAGINE the immensity of its overall power and how it will no doubt change our lives for the better. The possibilities seem endless, as is my gratitude for the wonderful gift that is your book. THANK YOU!”

~ Layla A Jaffer, Strategic Market Development, Amazon Customer, Jan 24 2012

Lead with confidence and function at higher order performance levels.
Specific, evidenced, and measured results, guaranteed!


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