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Gord Bamford
Two-Time Winner Global Country Artist of the Year (CMA)


I couldn’t get work off my mind. I was lacking in sleep. Too many things were slipping between the cracks. I was not efficient. I needed to figure out better time management between work and family life and what my priorities should be. Izzy was great to work with and provided a bigger picture. She helped me deal with a better work/life schedule, and I learned how to deal with my Son and his limitations and abilities to succeed too – I needed to be a better father and take some pressures off him. Since working with Izzy, everything has been positive; my time management, my listening skills, and I have a more calm approach from day to day. In my line of work, in these trying times, I have found ways to succeed and am doing stuff a bit more out of the box.

Rob Wallis
Partner And Senior Advisor at VELA Wealth

rob wallis testimonial

“Managing and delivering on the expectations I had placed on myself for family, business, health, social and emotional were a challenge. I was stressed all of the time, burned out, impatient, not present, irritable, inauthentic, had low energy, slept poorly, and made poor dietary choices. I was surviving not thriving, and everything was a chore – I knew that a shift was needed. The first conversation I had with Izzy was genuine, vulnerable and it opened a door that I wanted to walk through and explore transformation. Finding limiting root causes, accessing healing, and moving on is freeing and exciting. I want this for everyone. I am now present, calm, exercising more, taking on more, drinking less, eating better, enjoying and designing routines, sleeping better, and my business and client work is going so well… it’s exciting! I am in love with communicating and can create the future… live it… and be present for the journey.”

Don Moores
Kamloops Blazers


“My sleep was poor and my mind always scrambling – like a duck in the water… calm on top and paddling like crazy down below! After my Breakthrough Day, I have considerably less anxiety. It’s an amazing feeling and a great sense of accomplishment. Thanks, Iz!!”

Shawn Fehr
IBABC Board of Directors


“I wanted to be the best father and business partner that I could be. I was drained, exhausted, and couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I recognized I needed help. With Izzy, we addressed the root causes of my mental challenges. I have now increased my ability to prioritize, deal with worry and stress, and maintain focus and energy. Costs are being reduced because I’m more efficient and I have doubled my productivity. Knowledge equals power. My life has been turned around.”

Cindy Piva,
President and CEO
Thrive Business Strategies


“I think it’s simple: what Isabelle does works! As a high-performance coach, she helps me feel more confident and stronger in everything I do. Each time we have a One To One I feel such a sense of calm and “I got this”, so much more than before we met! Isabelle Hamptonstone is the perfect choice for anyone who may doubt themselves and want an extra hidden advantage! I recommend her to everyone whoever wants some extra strength in their own confidence and abilities – no matter what they are seeking to achieve.”

Adele Fedorak
Speech-Language Pathologist
Leadership Coach

adele fedorak testimonial

“I approached Isabelle because of a sense of overwhelm – feeling like I needed to get more clarity about growing my coaching business. My physical fitness had also declined. Isabelle helped me with my lack of energy, loss of sleep, and self-doubt. My sense of overwhelm has declined significantly. I feel less financial pressure, and am more at ease with where things are now and where I’m going. One thing I liked was her ability to help me get to where I wanted to go quickly! I would recommend Isabelle to people who want to have more clarity and sense of peace, and more capacity for work.”

Jamila Hubbard
Levi Jeans

Jamila Hubbard Testimonial

“Before coaching, I didn’t feel as though I was capable of finding the kind of relationship I sought. I felt stuck even 9 months after a long-term relationship ended and even though I did what I thought was right to move forward I was unable to fully let go and open up to new relationships. I wasn’t ready to give up on life and finding love and a deep meaningful relationship. I most loved the mental and emotional release. As I released old fear and hurt I felt myself become lighter and my interpretation of what’s possible to expand.”

Dr. Patrick Scott
Executive Vice President and Clinical Director of Head’s Up Guidance and Wellness Centers of Nevada


“Isabelle provides a sound foundation in human behavior with a keen awareness of the human condition. She successfully translates often difficult concepts into step by step learning and measurable results.”

Ian Meier
BC Wildfire Service


“I approached Isabelle because I was stressed, frustrated, and suffered from brain overload. Isabelle helped me to strengthen my leadership skills. The result was me being able to clearly articulate guidance to staff and give executive confidence in my organization during emergency situations. One thing I liked was her ability to train me to have a deeper understanding of myself and others. I found that training has also given me increased clarity, and I am actively becoming more impactful with a higher level of mental energy. I would recommend Isabelle for people who want to deal well in conflict situations, clearly articulate under pressure, and manage stress effectively.”

Doug Strong
SeaFirst Insurance Brokers


“As part of Isabelle’s coaching legacy, communications are much improved with the Senior Leadership Group and appreciated by all. The Group is more than happy with their enhanced knowledge and involvement. Thank you for making that a focus, and thank you for being a big part of our company’s success to date and in the future.”

Garrett Hartley
Commercial Producer


“My overwhelming workloads caused too much stress and created a poor work/life balance. I wasn’t able to focus on larger matters. After working with Izzy I am now able to provide my full attention to newer and bigger accounts and am able to exude a compelling, focused, and professional manner to clients and prospects. This new focus and work ethic has also increased the performance of others around me.”

Sandy Labermeyer
Open Door Group

Sandy Labermeyer testimonial

“Izzy creates the right environment to release self-limiting beliefs, triggers of stress, and baggage we can carry for years. The techniques she uses empower, inspire, and open the participant to reach goals and desires with confidence, calm, compassion, and conviction. The impact is improved relationships, health, and an incredible sense of abundance and gratitude.”

Western Roofing

western roofing testimonial

“As a result of working with Isabelle, staff developed their ability to make choices that reflect faith in their own ability rather than fear of failure. When self-doubt is better dealt with, delegation becomes easier and more effective; a more powerful self-confidence is naturally developed.”

Brett McIlwain
Sun Life Financial

Brett McIlwain testimonial

“Isabelle helped me release my old way of dealing with stresses and challenges and focus on the positive always. I have been able to double my business each year since we worked together.”

John Zubak
Director of Development
Business School
Thompson Rivers University

John Zubak Testimonial

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Izzy. I am amazed at how painless the process was, and the results are spectacular!”

Tara Holmes
Radio and TV Personality

tara holmes testimonial

“I strongly believe that if you are at a point in your life where you are being held back by self-doubt, or lack of confidence, that you are doing yourself a disservice by not trying what Izzy has to offer. Izzy allows me to feel empowered and calm at the same time… I am thankful to have come across this genuine woman who is a master at her craft. Thank you, Izzy, from the bottom of my mind!”

Steve Pearce
SeaFirst Insurance


“One of my greatest challenges was the anxiety of saying no. I had become a person that I did not want or need to be for work and my family. I was underproductive, a procrastinator, irritable, exhausted, a pleaser, frustrated, terrible delegator and did not trust others, which caused stress and a lack of confidence and focus – I did not trust myself to give good direction and the worse part of this was that I did not know any of the above was happening or did not want to admit. I was offered the opportunity, through my employer, to work with Isabelle, someone who was keenly interested in results more than the sale of having a new client. She helped me expose myself and be able to see who I really am and the results of feeling relieved and focused. I no longer lack confidence in my abilities or have a hard time asking for the sale, service, support, and ultimately help. I have an even better relationship and communication line with my wife too. I have trust, focus, confidence, am a more tactical and insightful quicker thinker, and my fuse is way longer now and it is a little pop versus a megaton bomb going off. I have become a key team member, and have grown my personal book of business. I am recognized as a Leadership Influencer and am more focussed, resilient, and confident in any situation. I now trust in myself.”

Brant Hasanen
Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Chamber of Commerce Board Member


“I have seen a significant improvement in my business results, combined with additional creativity. I would recommend Isabelle to anyone who wants a way to use additional tools to turbocharge themselves and their business.”

Corey Sigvaldason
President and CEO
Grandesco Business College

Corey Sigvaldason testimonial

I was trying to figure out the direction for the future I wanted to take with my life. I had also just gone through a challenging time and needed to increase my confidence. I was dreaming of elite-level performance and the benefits it can provide but lacked a clear plan and the confidence to make it happen. Izzy has a supportive style but held me accountable. I am now able to deal with issues in my past or present circumstance but use that for a future focus to move into the life I dream and the results I seek”.

Kayce Broening
CEO, PTSD Battleplan

Kayce Broening testimonial

“I saw the big picture and where I wanted to go but was lacking confidence in my ability to get there. I was feeling frustrated too and didn’t know how to move forward. Izzy showed me how to break through my limiting beliefs. My mindset has changed so much. I am now able to stay motivated, even through challenging circumstances.”

Dan Olive
Senior Partner
SeaFirst Insurance Brokerage

dan olive testimonial

“I struggled with communicating, managing work/life balance, and handling stress. I lacked energy and satisfaction. The more I tried to put time into making things work, the less happy I was. This solution was exactly what I needed. I now have increased my ability to communicate successfully with my partners and become a more effective and efficient leader. This allowed our company to progress and show increased success in areas where we had grown stagnant. I’m much more impactful and happier now.”

Dr. Matthew B. James, MA, Ph.D.,
President of The Empowerment Partnership


“Knowing how to succeed and actually succeeding are two different things. Izzy has mastered the ability to bridge the gap between the two. The difference between first place and second place is all mindset. When you can link the mind to the ability to perform, you create a winner. Izzy creates winners.”

Ryan Kerr
Solutions for Life Coaching and Consulting

ryan kerr testimonial

“I now have a serious advantage in life from being trained to respond to events beyond my control in the most beneficial ways possible. Breakthroughs occurred immediately and the results have rippled into everything I do in life. I possess seemingly superhuman powers; My mind is clear and focused, I see opportunities rather than problems; and subtle fears have transformed into pure confidence. Easily the smartest investment I’ve ever made.”

Tina Peters BA, CGA
Peters / Peters and Company


“Isabelle creates a safe environment to support you and gives you the tools to build your stronger, more powerful decision-making system. If you want satisfaction, empowerment, confidence, and peace in your business and personal life, I strongly recommend her services to unlock your potential.”

Andrew Halvorsen
Stand Up Comedian

Andrew Halvorsen Testimonial

“Izzy will blow your mind with her abilities. She has been a true professional, and a tremendous help to my career.”

George U. Buttuls (Cst.),
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Kamloops City Detachment

George Buttuls Testimonial

“I am a Police Officer with17 years of service that has taken its toll on my personal health and ‘mental well-being’. Isabelle provided a clear, measured step-by-step pathway to mental strength.”

Dr. John Ryan, Ph.D
Faculty at American Pacific University

john ryan testimonial

“Few coaches live up to the standards they expect of their clients. However, Isabelle is one of the few that does. She delivers rapid results with integrity and passion, and masterfully assists her clients in breaking through to the next level.”

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