Mental Training Warning: The CPI Matrix is Breaking New Ground!

Mental Training with immediate, specific and measurable results. Guaranteed.


Use our signature method to:

  • Uncover your natural Confidence
  • Have your brain operate at maximum efficiency under pressure
  • Function at Peak Performance consistently.
  • Reclaim your Inner Strength.

We Call It Our C.P.I Matrix.

Using the C.P.I Matrix, we are able to eliminate brain-overload by removing the triggers for analysis paralysis, sleeplessness, emotional outbursts, self-questioning, and more.

The C.P.I. Matrix was created by Isabelle Hamptonstone, MSc. specifically, to help hockey players and other elite athletes get permanent results within minutes instead of years.

“I can draw from internal sources of power that I was not fully aware of before. I am now more able to see the opportunity and positivity within situations that I was previously struggling with and I am now a lot happier in those situations! I was able to work through a blockage in my mindset which was affecting my relationship with my coach and my training.”
~ Elli Terwiel,
Canadian Olympic Ski Team, Sochi 2014
National Ski Team, Team Canada, Nor-Am Slalom Champion

Like a powerful high-octane automobile, your brain is your most valuable asset on and off the ice.

Problems like inconsistent play, sleeplessness, and debilitating self-doubt are all symptoms of a brain that is overloaded by unrelenting professional and personal pressures. These pressures literally clog the circuitry of the brain, causing it misfire.

The C.P.I. Matrix simply clears the gunk from the brain and puts you in the driver’s seat of a well optimized, high-powered machine.
If you feel that it’s time for you to take back control of your brain, vastly improve your level of play, and leave a legacy you’ll be proud of, then contact me today for a consultation. Just click here to fill out the questionnaire.

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“BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants helped me focus on the positive outcomes by taking a different approach to my sport. BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants has helped me focus on being great instead of good. I can now focus on being in the moment and having fun and joy in everything I do. Most importantly I believe in myself and I’ve realized that anything IS possible.”
~ Review: Colin Smith,
Colorado Avalanche, WHL All-Star

*This information is not a substitute for sound medical advice. We train elite NHL players how to upgrade the efficiency of the brain to establish optimum levels of behavior under pressure. If you are currently under medical care, then we recommend that you continue with that care.