Daydreaming Can Boost Your Business


Ideas often come when we least expect them, often when we’re doing something that doesn’t take up too much concentration, like when we’re in the shower, daydreaming, or taking out the trash.

Suddenly, without even thinking about it, we find solutions to our current problems.

This is no coincidence. Like Isaac Newton and the apple hitting him on the head at the right moment prompting him to come up with his law of gravity, one thing that connects these moments of realization is giving your mind space and time to relax.

Although daydreaming is not something many of us have added to our busy schedules, in today’s modern, busy world, focused daydreaming can be a powerful ideation tool.

Think of the mind like a snow globe and daydreaming about when the snowflakes (the ideas) can settle and be seen. Forcing ideas can make the snow globe too shaken up. Making space for daydreaming can allow us to see what can be done next.

Business leaders who encourage their employees to go for a walk or meditate give them mind space, making them far more effective at coming up with ideas and solutions.

The results from daydreaming come from encouraging communication to happen naturally between the conscious and unconscious mind. It happens to me particularly when I’m drawing.

So how can you and your business benefit from focused daydreaming?

First, encourage your employees to spend some time brainstorming ideal outcomes. Then let them switch off and do something else for 20 minutes, like going for a coffee, walking in nature, listening to music, or meditating – physically removing them from the problem.

With the demand for solutions lowered, they will likely find that new, fresh ideas and solutions suddenly become available. If they don’t, encourage them to go through the process again.

Some of the World’s greatest geniuses and artists produced their best works whilst daydreaming.

My own best-selling book was written during a time of enhanced meditation used to help me sleep better.

Daydreaming can make a difference. Use this strategy to discover the new “aha” moments that can powerfully impact your business.

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Photo by La Miko from Pexels