Why Using The Term ‘Crazy Busy’ Can Make You Less Successful

Play along with me for a minute – even if you’re feeling crazy busy!

If I asked you not to think of a pink hockey stick you may notice that the mind has to think about and process these words, even when you ask your mind not to. Your mind will think of a pink hockey stick, then try to forget about it.

Even when you try not to think about something, the mind identifies each word you use and reacts to the emotional response to each word you are trying not to think about.

Think of a person you know is often ‘crazy busy.’ Does this person seem to be ‘in the flow’? Are they calm and productive? Or maybe they are not? Then think of someone you know who sails through life being ‘busy and productive’.

How does each person’s energy differ? Who is more successful? Who is happier?

The words we use directly affect our internal level of stress. Using the word ‘crazy busy’ makes us less capable of handling the busy.

How we react to stress is very important. If you’re stressed, your hormones rise, which can affect your memory, judgment, and impulse control.

So how can you manage stress when you’re busy without feeling like you’re crazy?

A great tip for manifesting a more powerful mental response is to focus on an ideal outcome when you are busy actively. For example, you might say, “I’m productive and busy” or “I’m happy to be busy”, using words of manifestation.

If you prime your brain, you can enable the inner workings of your mind to provide you with your ideal outcome. You will see more possibilities. You will make better decisions.

If you can practice and master the art of going from ‘crazy busy’ to ‘productive and happy busy’, others will notice. They’ll want it too. They won’t know how to do it. They just need one example – YOU.

So own your busy and stop calling it crazy. And remember, you’ve always had a powerful ability to affect your outcomes with your words, now do it with power and intention.

If you’re ready and need to deal with limiting beliefs that cause the stress and anxiety keeping you awake at night, get in touch. It’s time you took action!

As an Elite Mental Performance Coach It’s what I do… powerfully.