They have got in and are nervous about leaving for college…

They’re building up to finally flying the nest of home, they might be feeling a ball of nerves knot in their stomach. Suddenly, dozens of questions, queries, and thoughts bubble to the surface…

“Will I be up to the task of taking on college?”

The fear of the unknown looms. Their confidence takes a dip and self-doubt could be hitting hard right now.

Isabelle Hamptonstone has had several college clients bring up these exact same questions and reckons that there are hundreds of students, just like them, with the same fears and worries praying on their minds about leaving for college.

nervous about leaving for collegeThe difference between those students she has had the opportunity of working with and the ones she doesn’t is that they are addressing their doubts and fears head-on and are working through the root causes of them.

They have eased their worries and confronted their fears. They are on the road to developing a brand new level of confidence, focus, and happiness, and they are now able to make the most of new opportunities. They are now focusing on the positives of a new adventure that awaits them.

Do you have a family member, or know a friend that needs to voice their doubts and concerns about leaving for college?

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College is a whole new realm of opportunity for those who can face their challenges with confidence! Here’s to their future!

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