Are You Interested In Growing Your Business? Then Let’s LinkUp!

Do you have a fantastic business idea that you would like some assistance with getting off the ground?

Would you relish the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals to exchange ideas with and expand your network of connections?

Why not then get yourself along to the Venture Kamloops LinkUp Event.

This full-day event is a fantastic springboard for fledgling business opportunists.

It is jam-packed with inspiration for your business start-up, provides key learnings for developing your organization, and many other hardworking and aspiring individuals ready and waiting to connect with you.

Power up your organization or your business like never before!

You will have the chance to hear from multiple speakers who will deliver a vast array of valuable information. From business support and development strategies to encourage business growth, to tactical ideas you can link up with.

In 2018, attendees had the opportunity to hear from me as the Keynote Speaker, talking about Olympic Performance under pressure and preparing the brain for entrepreneurial opportunity.

growing your business
Tickets for the 2018 LinkUp Business Development Summit SOLD OUT!

As the Keynote Speaker for this sell-out event, I was blown away by the huge demand – record numbers tried to attend.

I would like to thank all that attended for their incredible support, and for if you missed out, look for my upcoming Speaking Engagements posted on our Facebook Page.

The LinkUp Event is a unique opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of programs and incentives that are available, and to hear from both local agencies and provincial business organizations – all under one roof and all in one day.

Follow THIS LINK to check for further information and for purchasing tickets to future events.

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