Is there a part of you that is starting to feel exhausted? Perhaps, no matter how much you try,  your physical and mental energy isn’t the same as it was at the beginning of the hockey season?

It is common to reach a point in the season where you are feeling tired.

stress on the iceThis can lead to inconsistency on and off the ice. When you’re starting to feel the near end of the hockey season hump,  it is important to take care of your greatest asset; your mental energy.

Think carefully today, what refuels your mental energy?

One NHL client I have needs quiet time alone each day. He likes to have space to think, to decompress, to recharge.

Another NHL client I have needs to spend time laughing with friends and socializing with teammates.

We all have different ways to decompress.

You do what you need to do to recharge.

This will refuel your mental energy and put you in a strong mindset to perform at your very best. It will help you to develop your own Hockey Confidence.

Do you want more help to develop your own Hockey Confidence?

Here’s Hockey Winning Mindset Tips to help you dominate on the ice.