Do You Have Hockey Stress Because You’re Worried About Whether Your Team Will Make The Playoffs?


Are you worried that this hockey stress means you might get an injury?

Have you lost an important game at the last minute?

These challenges happen unexpectedly and can be highly stressful.

The thing is, these challenges can be exactly what you need to become a stronger, more confident player.

The key is to see these challenges as opportunities to learn about yourself and work out what you need to do to get better.

So, see the next challenge as an opportunity; as an eye-opener, and a chance to again be able to learn, grow and develop.

You might realize down the line THAT a particular challenge was exactly what you needed in order to win the game.

You can also choose the attitude to have when responding to life’s challenges. You can:

  1. act out of fear of the outcome and allow hockey stress to get the better of you, or;
  2. have faith in your ability to deal with the outcome and strengthen your mindset against the impacts of hockey stress.

Remember! It’s not failure that makes or breaks us, it is how you choose to react to failure that is most important.

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