How Does Emotional Intelligence Help Leaders Remain Objective When Faced With Adversity?


When an Olympic athlete is faced with an entire country cheering them on, how do they stay calm under such high-pressure mental and physical conditions?  

Leaders are human too, they suffer from the same feelings and emotions we all do. However, the big difference is people who have high emotional intelligence are better at controlling their emotions and feelings under any given situation. 

They have the ability to acknowledge their own emotions, reflect on these emotions and control their reactions in an orderly fashion to keep that calm cool exterior.  

There have been countless leaders and celebrities who have suffered the consequences when their reactions have got the better of them.

Those who have maintained their composure gain the most respect and confidence from their peers over time. This is where Emotional Intelligence plays its role within a successful leader.  


In 2020, The World Economic Forum Listed Emotional Intelligence As One Of The Top 10 Vital Skills In The Future Of Jobs Report 


Emotional Intelligence in the workplace environment has become one of the most important skills for successful leaders in today’s business and sporting environments. We can break down Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ) into four essential components. 



Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Refinement in each of these areas can lead to higher productivity, higher performance, higher-quality relationships, and bring positive benefits to all parts of your business or gameplay.  




The Foundation of Emotional Intelligence. You’ve no doubt heard the words ‘recognition is the first step’. Self-Awareness is simply where you recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

As a successful leader, you are always aware and able to process your feelings, know your own strengths and weaknesses, and have self-confidence in your abilities.   




In light of awareness, comes self-regulation. Successful leaders are able to remain calm under pressure, control their feelings and behaviors because they can keep focus on their ultimate goal. They can adapt to a given situation and prioritize their emotions to maintain and gain the best possible outcome. 

This doesn’t mean hiding your feelings! An experienced leader uses self-management to wait for the appropriate place and moment to express these emotions so that it can benefit as many people as possible in the most positive way.  


Social Awareness  


To gain leadership advantage, the most successful leaders have the intuitive ability to identify not only their own emotions but the emotions, needs, and concerns of others.

It can be as simple as when that Executive remembers your name, to when that Coach recognized that you needed extra support that day. Social Awareness, is taking into account those around you.


Relationship Management  


Successful leaders utilize their understanding of others in order to help build a good rapport with their colleagues or team. As an individual, have you not always performed better when you feel listened to and supported by your boss?

Managing relationships effectively is an essential emotional intelligence skill that can help bring people together to work productively, successfully, and happily towards a common goal.  


Emotional Intelligent leaders have the power to communicate confidently, clearly and compassionately in order to provide guidance towards goals, resolve conflicts, encourage positive social interactions and build more trust in their environment. 

I have ‘brain-trained’ many different highly successful and award-winning leaders including Olympic athletes, NHL players, and elite business leaders. 

Emotional Intelligence is an essential factor in helping these leaders be the ultimate version of themselves. It doesn’t always come naturally for all leaders, Emotional Intelligence comes with experience, the best leaders will have a coach to guide them and lead them via their own personal journey to success.  

If you feel like you’re in need of an Emotional Intelligence health check, and you want to powerfully increase your performance, productivity, and your effectiveness with your team.  

Is it time for you to work with an Olympic, NHL, Elite Executive Performance Coach who can help guide you towards your greatest career potential?  

Get Emotional Intelligence Coaching and be the best leader now and in the future.   

It’s what I do…powerfully.  

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