What Type Of Player Are You?


“Average Players want to be left alone.
Good players want to be coached.
Great players want to be told the truth.”– Nick Saban

Whether you’re an athlete, executive, or leader, perhaps we all want to be that great player – to be authentic, a genuine person, have success, and have the best life.

Are you performing the right actions to get there? And, how do you reach these levels of success, and sustain them moving forward?

Consider one of the most successful US college football coaches of all time, Nick Saban, who’s led his team through a record-breaking 7 National Championships and holds a record for 6x winner of National Coach of the Year.

His success is built upon his perseverance and dedication to excellence. His teams are known for their grit, determination, and resilience, with the ability to overcome adversity to achieve victory.

What can we learn from Nick?

Those who are ‘average’ will walk down the road of least resistance. This path is usually narrow, long, and full of dead ends.

A ‘good player’ will get a coach to help guide them and open up the path to more opportunities.

However, the key to becoming a ‘great player’ resides in your ability to go beyond what’s good, remove limiting beliefs and push with determination and courage towards excellence.

The road to success requires you to listen to your coaches, learn and take time to regularly reflect on feedback. Acknowledging mistakes can be uncomfortable, trigger self-doubt, and cause performance anxiety.

A great player will persevere with goals even if they fail. This is when true innovation and growth happen.

In the words of Nick Saban, “Great players want to be told the truth”.

Receiving support and knowing the truth in today’s society is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength.

Are you ready to be a great player, surpass the average and transcend above good? I can help you achieve breakthrough results that increase your passion, productivity, and powerful performance to achieve unprecedented success – get in touch today for Olympic Performance Coaching.

It’s what I do… powerfully.

Warmest, Izzy.