As the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang closed many found themselves in awe of the level of achievement and determination of the Olympians. But your ticket to the success, focus, and confidence of an Olympian are closer than you think.

What many athletes have in common is working with Isabelle Hamptonstone. Working one on one with competitors she helps guide them through mental blocks, giving immediate breakthroughs that translate into greater success in their personal and professional lives.

Elli Terwiel OlympicsElli Terwiel, who was on the Canadian Olympic ski team for Sochi 2014, is just one Olympian who has credited Isabelle with helping her become a better competitor and happier person.

“I can draw from internal sources of power that I was not fully aware of before,” she said.

“I am now more able to see the opportunity and positivity within situations that I was previously struggling with and I am now a lot happier in those situations.”

Terwiel added she was able to work through a mental blockage that was negatively impacting her relationship with her coach.

“Having Izzy as my NLP consultant has transformed me into a powerful, grounded, and balanced competitor.”

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