3 Steps To Triage Your Life And Move From Crazy Mode To Ready Mode With The Right Leadership And Coaching

If you are stressed, your hormones rise, affecting your memory, judgment, and impulse control. Connecting with a leadership and coaching expert can help.

So, how can you master your Ready Mode and manage stress when you’re heading towards crazy mode?

You can use the same tactics applied in a busy hospital emergency department.

Here Are 3 Steps To Triage Your Life:

Step One:

Prioritize your tasks with a degree of urgency—red means to deal with them immediately. Yellow is severe but does not need immediate attention. Green is minor and can wait. Focus your efforts on the red tasks first.

Remember! If you’re in crazy mode, you will react to everything as if it’s red. So know your reds. They’re what’s most important. And be aware of the noisiest demands, as they’re not always red.

There is one more level, however. One that you can use for the worst-case scenarios is Black.

Black tasks are when there’s nothing you can do. These can be challenging tasks to let go of, but they are the ones that you MUST take off your list. Otherwise, you will have no hope of saving your reds.

Step Two:

To move from Crazy to Ready Mode, you must prepare for Crazy and set things up to make your Red, Yellow, and Green tasks easier. Find ways to reduce your daily decision-making.

For example, automate and schedule known essential tasks as you plan your week. Then, during the week, when everyone and everything is demanding your time, you’ve already planned what to do and reduced any unnecessary, crazy, last-minute decision-making.

Co-locate! Store any equipment or information you need for a specific task together in the same place. This way, you won’t spend time and energy looking for what you need when you need it.

Step Three:

Get out of your head. Don’t let all of your problems derail you. If your brain chatter starts, you panic and get tunnel vision, becoming aware that you’ve entered Crazy Mode. You cannot solve anything this way.

Give yourself a break. Actively walk away from your desk for 10 minutes. Decide that this will help you see the bigger picture.

Be compassionate to yourself and others with your words. If you prime your brain with this intention, you can enable the inner workings of your mind to widen your perception so that your brain can take in broader, more powerful information. You will see more possibilities. You will make better decisions.

Is it time you took action?

If you’re ready to master your Ready Mode and upgrade your brain to an expanded operating system by dealing with limiting beliefs that cause stress and anxiety and keep you awake at night, get in touch to personalize a leadership and coaching program.

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