6 Tips To Remove Mental Blocks In The Workplace And At Home

Mental Blocks In The Workplace Or At Home Can Impact Performance On All Levels.


Without help to overcome them, it can feel impossible. If you’re feeling stuck, read on for 6 Tips to move past mental blocks:


1. Acknowledge The Problem


Before you can overcome mental blocks, you must admit they are there. Recognizing the problems can lead to understanding where they came from and the best way to overcome them.

Continuing to deny you’re struggling will only slow the process and hold you back.


2. Tackle Small Tasks Firsts


Have a long to-do list that feels unmanageable or a daunting task? Try breaking it down into pieces that are easier to tackle.

Breaking big jobs into a few small steps can make it seem less impossible. Or try adding other easy tasks like washing dishes or responding to emails, checking them off quickly gives a sense of accomplishment and purpose that can spill over into other jobs!


3. Change Your Environment


Where you work affects how you work more than you may realize. Try changing the lighting by opening blinds or windows, keep your environment tidy or take a few minutes to declutter.

Try using an essential oil diffuser to concentrate and keep your mood up. Citrus, cinnamon and peppermint oils all help mood, focus and keep you awake.

Eat a snack, keep a few pre-made healthy snacks with you. A snack break can be like fueling up a car and set you back on track.


4. Get Sweaty


Whether it’s a serious gym session or a lunchtime walk in a park, moving can unblock your mental blocks. The release of endorphins can also change your outlook to a more positive one where your work seems more manageable.

It can also help you to focus on the present moment, erasing anxiety about the future.


5. Time Yourself


Having trouble getting down to it? Set a timer for 20 minutes and promise yourself to work until it beeps. Setting small goals like this one can help you get down to work and feel accomplished as you complete them.

Who knows, once you’re 20 minutes in you may be feeling more inspired to continue.


6. Work With A Professional


Having trouble “un-kinking” your mind? Consider reaching out to get help from a trained professional. Someone like Isabelle Hamptonstone, at BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants, can guide you through blocks and to results. Having a helping hand can give you the boost you couldn’t give yourself!


To get started, view our Corporate Leadership Training Packages to learn about exaclty how Isabelle can help you re-train your brain to overcome mental blocks.

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