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Facilitated By Isabelle Hampton-Stone M.Sc., Olympic, NHL, and Executive Performance Coach, Motivational Keynote Speaker, and #1 Best Selling Author.

Customized Mental Performace Corporate Training

“Few coaches live up to the standards they expect of their clients. However, Isabelle is one of the few that does. She delivers rapid results with integrity and passion, and masterfully assists her clients in breaking through to the next level.”

Dr. John Ryan, Ph.D., Faculty at American Pacific University

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Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm


When the economy changes, especially in times such as this, we experience challenges and opportunities like never before.

Both challenges and opportunities can be breeding grounds for stressful situations.

Often the mind focuses inwards under stress, yet solutions often present themselves more quickly when we use broader perspectives and input from others.

Problems that can occupy the mind for weeks, even months, can be made more manageable by sharing those problems with our peers.



During Isabelle’s Mental Performance Corporate Training, staff, and teams will learn to:

• Share the challenges and opportunities they are currently facing.

• Provide help by using a step by step process to share, support, receive suggestions, and resolve.

• Decide and take the next steps.

• Be accountable for their progress.

Why the Issue Processing Model Works 


The First Stage – structures the issue, helping staff and teams to understand the issue as a problem to be solved, a decision to be made, or a plan to be developed.

The Second Stage – clarifies the issue. Questions encourage staff and teams to review their experiences and see if there’s an aspect of the situation they’ve missed.

The Suggestions Stage – is further encouraged to reparse and rephrase the issue. It’s possible that staff and teams have now understood the situation and their relationship with it in a different way and need a different approach to handle it.

The emphasis isn’t on an articulated answer or a debate – it’s on encouraging staff and teams to identify the correct course of action on their own.

The Final Stage – by the time staff and teams have moved through the previous stages they should have a clearer idea of what they need to do and when – then they can commit to the next steps and move forward, whilst feeling supported.




The result of using this Mental Performance Model is that staff and teams learn to generate the resolution process themselves. They develop a deeper understanding of the stress experienced by their peers, in a relatable way.

This not only builds a team dynamic but also facilitates meaningful peer support and understanding, and positive outcomes are identified and put into practice.

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Ashley Runzer, Controller


What amazing training the staff had!

It’s clear that many were/are struggling, but I absolutely love how they were able to share, connect, and discuss solutions together.


Doug Strong, President

“The Issue Processing training was excellent and showed that COVID had also added another level of complexity to everyone’s already frantic lives.

I chatted with staff post-training, and they all expressed an interest in working with you further. So, let’s make it happen.”

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