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Motivational Keynote Speaker For Olympic Performance Under Pressure And #1 Best Selling Author Isabelle Hampton-Stone MSc.

Isabelle Captivates An Audience’s Attention With Ease


She empowers listeners with techniques to deal with stress and overwhelm. The audience learns the Olympic Performance Mental Tools to improve their confidence and to transition with purpose from ‘Stress to Decompress’.


Her delivery is highly engaging and audiences leave motivated and inspired to action Isabelle’s words… immediately.


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Sharing stories of those she has been fortunate to work with, Isabelle provides experiential learning to deepen the understanding and takeaways of the audience.

Learn How to:

√ Identify patterns of unnecessary mental stress that are slowing you down!

√ Perform better and work smarter NOT harder.

√ Clear your mind of clutter.

√ Activate a more effective Olympic and leadership mindset.

√ Stay calmer under intense pressure to perform at higher levels.

√ Get consistently confident, and develop self-belief and focus.

√ Become the success and person you know you can be.


BOOK Motivational Keynote Speaker Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc.

Event Coordinator

Sun Peaks Resort LLP​ British Columbia

“Just a few minutes into this presentation and I could tell everyone was hooked!..”


Corey Sigvaldason

President And CEO, Grandesco Business College

“Isabelle is a best-selling author and performance expert that is also…”


Deb McClelland

Director, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“Izzy’s calm and confident Keynote demeanor exudes wisdom…” 


Steve Pearce

Hockey Coach, Past BC Player Development Coordinator

“Isabelle’s value as a speaker to the BC Hockey High Performance Program…”


Event Coordinator

TD Canada Trust

“Extremely satisfied with Isabelle’s Performance presentation.”


Jim Anderson

Executive Director, Venture Kamloops

“I will absolutely use Isabelle’s services again and recommend her…”


Elias Ortner

Assistant Operations Manager, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

“Isabelle’s Keynote, Performance Under Pressure, for our Pilots and…”


BOOK Motivational Keynote Speaker Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc.

Lead with confidence and function at higher order performance levels.
Specific, evidenced, and measured results, guaranteed!


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