Multi-Task Can Be A Multi-Pain In The Ass – What Is A Leader To Do?


Today, it seems we’re becoming more stressed and are constantly finding ourselves in a fight-or-flight mode.

Naturally, this leads to increased mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

So why is this the case? Where is all of this anxiety stemming from?

Let’s take a look at one major cause: the workplace.

People thrive when they’re part of a community, where they have a purpose and skill that they can cultivate. Historically, in these communities, they excelled in working together. Each person had one thing they could focus on. For example, a carpenter focussed on working with wood, and a potter focussed on making ceramics. They each had their areas of specialty and expertise.

Fast forward to now. These days the average person needs to have various skillsets and is expected to multitask.

Asking people to switch direction and focus each day can be stressful. It can lead to utter exhaustion and anxiety. Multi-task can be a multi-pain in the ass.

So, as leaders, we need to have more compassion and empathy when looking at improving our work environments. We need to think more about others, their family, and develop a better sense of love and understanding – this is where feminine leadership skills come into play.

So what can you, as a leader, do to help?

Tip: Implement a sense of community, cooperation, and collaboration.

Leaders who show compassion and empathy, whilst having gentle and firm boundaries, give people a deeper sense of belonging and make them feel like they matter and that you care.

People like to feel that those in charge of them are genuinely interested in their lives outside of their work. As well as supporting them in the workplace.

I’ve worked with many CEOs to develop empathy and compassion. Their businesses experienced vital increases in recruitment and retention. As a result, their teams have been encouraged, less stressed, and more productive. They enjoy what they’re doing, felt¬†more alive, and thrived. They appreciated the improved work/life balance.

So blend gentleness, empathy, and compassion, with gentle and firm boundaries, in your workplace from today.

Want to develop this powerful strategy to help your staff?

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