Can’t Deal With Negative Criticism?


Is your self-esteem low?

Now that you have a number of games under your belt do you find yourself questioning if you can continue at this pace for the duration of the season?

Maybe you feel you’ve obtained your full potential but others are giving you negative criticism about your performance?

If you’re worrying that you will start to get less ice-time, your self-esteem can take a blow, it can feel like a heavyweight is pulling you down and it can affect your Hockey Confidence.

Even in the toughest of situations, or from the harshest of criticisms, there is always an opportunity to be found – if you look hard enough for it.

It’s important to understand that there are going to be people who judge and criticize you and your performance throughout life.

There are those who are difficult to get along with and those who don’t have the same outlook as you do, and that’s okay.

Rather than spending your time focusing on the negative opinions and remarks of others, find the people with positive opinions and attitudes that build up your own self-esteem and who want to see you develop as a player both on and off the ice.

They will be the ones to offer you a positive, new perspective on the challenges and situations that you face.

It’s still the first half of the season and prime time to be solidifying those connections with the positive people you have in your network, who you trust, to build up your self-esteem and foster a positive mindset.

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