As Another NHL Regular Season Begins To Wrap Up We Reflect Back On Our Top Three Hockey Moments From The Last Year


1. Bickell Ends Career With Goal

Carolina Hurricanes’ forward Bryan Bickell was set to retire due to multiple sclerosis when he was playing his last game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Hitting the ice in a shootout, Bickell shot the puck past the NHL regular season Flyers’ goaltender to cinch the game 4-3. An emotional moment for him and everyone watching.

2. Penguins’ Back To Back Wins

The Pittsburgh Penguins who became the first team to win the Stanley Cup back to back since 1997 and 1998 saw the Detroit Redwings take home both championships.

It was a great two years for center Sidney Crosby who won MVP both NHL regular seasons, validating years of training and work for the star player.

3. The Sedin Twins Movie-Like Last Home Game

After announcing their retirement after 17 seasons at the beginning of April 2018 the twins were set to play their final home game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Thanks to the epic brothers, the Vancouver Canucks won 4-3 in overtime with a beautiful goal from Henrik to Daniel.

What was your favorite moment?

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