Olympic Performance Coaching

One to One Coaching with Isabelle Hampton-Stone

Olympic Performance Coaching

One to One Coaching with Isabelle Hampton-Stone

Is stress holding you back?

If you’re like most top achievers interested in Olympic Performance Coaching, you’ve worked for as long as you can remember to reach the position you now hold. You’ve strategized and sacrificed to get here.

Many top leaders are surprised and disheartened to find more stress at the top than they did on the way there.

Is stress the price of success?

It doesn’t have to be.

It’s time to perform at your peak and enjoy your life

Olympic Performance Coaching for Confidence

About Your Olympic Performance Coaching

Isabelle Hampton-Stone has coached Olympians, NHL players, and other athletes to overcome stress and perform at their peak. They’ve gone from struggling to achieving the number one spot in their sport. Read more here.

In recent years, Isabelle has also worked with dozens of public and private sector executives, helping them to retrain their brain to release stress triggers. Her clients report better relationships, better sleep, and unprecedented growth for their companies.

How about you? Are you ready to retrain your brain for peak performance?

How it works




Let’s focus on you and start by getting clear on where you are and where you want to go. Complete this survey for your Mental Performance Coach.




Isabelle will then get to work! Book a full mental performance assessment and evaluation and get raw data so you can measure your results.




Achieve tremendous results together, while having fun. Isabelle will provide pathways to get specific, measured, and evidenced results.

What clients are saying about their Olympic Performance Coaching

Ian Meier

Executive Director, BC Wildlife Service

Guy Charron

Professional Hockey Coach

Elli Terwiel

Canadian Olympic Team

Ian Meier Mental Performance Coach Testimonial

“I approached Isabelle because I was stressed, frustrated and suffered from brain overload. She helped me to strengthen my leadership skills. The result was me being able to clearly articulate guidance to staff and give executive confidence in my organization during emergency situations.” Read More

Ian Meier

Executive Director, BC Wildlife Service

Guy Charron Mental Performance Coach Testimonial

“While coaching the WHL Kamloops Blazers, whilst Izzy was helping the players she was also helping me. As a result, my confidence grew and I believe I became a better coach.” Read More

Guy Charron

Professional Hockey Coach

Elli Terwiel Mental Performance Coach Testimonial

“This training has transformed me into a powerful, grounded and balanced competitor.” Read More

Elli Terwiel

Canadian Olympic Team

retrain your brain to automatically behave differently

If you are accepted for further mental performance coaching, Isabelle will customize one of these packages for you.


A Year of Transformation

Evidenced Growth Over A Year

  • Includes 12 personal trainings over Zoom to help you release emotional triggers.
  • Access Isabelle with the opportunity to ask unlimited coaching questions throughout the year.
  • Specific and evidenced results guaranteed.


Immediate Results

One Year in One Day

  • Complete one year of breakthroughs in just one day.
  • Accelerate your focus, confidence and self-control automatically.
  • See results immediately. Changes will be made during training and won't take practice to implement -- your results will be automatic.
  • No need to travel. One-to-one coaching is done virtually.
  • Specific and evidenced results guaranteed.


Immediate Results + Ongoing support

Combine these two packages and
save over $17,500

Most Popular

  • Begin strong with the Immediate Results "One Year in One Day" one-to-one coaching program.
  • Meet with Isabelle 12 times to help you release emotional triggers.
  • Resolve long-term challenges – so that you no longer feel mentally exhausted
  • Unlimited coaching questions and answers from Isabelle.
  • Specific and evidenced results guaranteed.


101 mental performance tips for executives, leaders, and pro-athletes

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If you learn to use your brain to help you become more successful, you will start to view challenges as opportunities. You will accomplish those short-term goals that make the long-term goals possible.

Once you’ve mastered the art of defending your brain against the onslaught of negative forces and brain overload, it will become your most powerful weapon in helping you achieve what you desire.

Learn how to monitor your self-talk and focus on what you DO want!

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You deserve to experience the success you’ve achieved.

Don’t let stress hold you back.