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Mental Training With The Performance Intelligence Protocol™


Breaking New Ground With Immediate, Specific, Evidenced, And Measured Results… Guaranteed!​

In 2010, Isabelle Hampton-Stone, MSc. developed a pioneering ‘performance under pressure’ protocol that led to unprecedented levels of immediate and measured increases in high performing achievers. It is called:

The Performance Intelligence Protocol™ (PIP)

This protocol has helped athletes to qualify for their national teams and represent their countries at the Olympics.

It has helped hockey players get selected to play in the NHL and stay in the NHL.

It has helped business leaders record an average of 350% increases in productivity and performance under pressure.


Read What They Are Saying:

Executives And Business Leaders
Olympic And Pro Athletes
Hockey Players

This step-by-step breakthrough program of re-training the brain to access the ‘Zone of Peak Performance’ on Demand is what has made her training the ‘Secret Weapon’ of performance coaching.

For professional athletes, the Performance Intelligence Protocol™ provides revolutionary performance enhancing training that is customized to boost professional confidence and eradicate the limiting beliefs that are preventing them from achieving their greatest career potential.

This greatly improves self-belief in order to achieve consistent peak performance.

For entrepreneurs and corporations, the Performance Intelligence Protocol™ provides executives with a proven competitive edge so they can achieve professional athlete performance results for their business that the competition cannot.

Using The PIP™ Isabelle’s clients are able to eliminate brain overload by releasing the triggers that cause analysis paralysis, self-doubt, performance anxiety and inconsistency.

Her trademarked techniques are the catalyst for competitive clients to become leaders at the elite level.

Isabelle’s leaders achieve specific breakthroughs and mindset results with measurable improvements in individual performance and business outcomes.

Symptoms of Brain Overload Include:

Mental and physical exhaustion
Mental confusion
Debilitating lack of confidence
Analysis paralysis
Inconsistent results
Sleeplessness or broken sleep
Inability to unwind
Inappropriate emotional outbursts

Brain Overload slows down the brain, which in turn negatively impacts performance, confidence, enjoyment of work or sport, all major factors that can contribute to poor results and ultimately early retirement.

Isabelle uses her award-winning proprietary signature methods of training to:

√ Discover underlying mental blockages.

√ Deliver the transformational mindset breakthroughs with specific, evidenced, and measured results.

√ Re-train the brain to access the ‘Zone of Peak Performance’ on Demand.

Her clients stay at the top of their game even when they naturally reach higher levels of leadership as a result of working with her.

Isabelle’s long-term leadership solutions match the needs for leaders looking for a higher level of demand for performance and confidence.

She delivers evolutionary training that ladders them up to increased performance levels.

Like a powerful high-octane automobile, your brain is your most valuable asset.

Problems like inconsistent results, sleeplessness, and debilitating self-doubt are all symptoms of a brain that is overloaded by unrelenting professional and personal pressures.

These pressures literally clog the circuitry of the brain, causing it to misfire.

The PIP simply clears the gunk from the brain and puts you in the driver’s seat of a well optimized, high-powered machine.

If you feel that it’s time for you to take back control of your brain, vastly improve your results, and leave a legacy you’ll be proud of, then contact Isabelle today for an Assessment and Evaluation.

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Reach Powerful Levels of Olympic Mental Performance - Freeing You to Pursue a Life of Untapped and Unprecedented Levels of Success.


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