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“I can draw from internal sources of power that I was not fully aware of before. I was able to work through a blockage in my mindset which was affecting my relationship with my coach and my training. Izzy has transformed me into a powerful, grounded and balanced competitor.”

Elli Terwiel
Canadian Olympic Ski Team
Nor-Am Slalom Champion

“It is amazing to feel at the top of my game all the time in all aspects of life. My mentality has never been stronger. What is also quite impressive is that I am not the only one to notice the change. I now manage the course without my typical frustrations coming out in my game. My mental focus is sharper and positive. When a shot doesn’t go the way I want it I regain self-control faster than ever.”

Ryan Weatherall
Canadian Junior Golf Association Team Canada East

troy morrison testimonial

“My confidence wasn’t very high. My anger would impact work, effect fellow employees and stress me out to breaking point. I didn’t know how to think in a way that would benefit myself or the situation at hand. I had no idea working with Isabelle would impact my life in such a positive manner in all aspects of my life. The feeling of releasing and erasing all the negativity I’ve been battling with over the years is overwhelming and amazing. Without these personal breakthroughs I would not be in this happy positive and confident state of mind that allows me to perform at the best of my ability.”

Troy Morrison


“I approached Isabelle because of my lack of confidence and ability to stay aggressive during my basketball games. She helped me realize that I have the ability to be a good player and that my mind was the only thing holding me back. The one thing I liked about working with Isabelle was how quickly I saw results! Having immediate breakthroughs made me believe that my training with her was working. My results have just taken off. My confidence is no longer holding me back, and both my basketball and everyday life is way more fun. I would recommend anyone to Isabelle who needs to improve their confidence.”

Spencer Ledoux
3 Times Provincial All Star

“I wasn’t getting the opportunities I wanted to play Baseball. I had a fear of repeating an injury playing. I couldn’t focus and kept thinking about bad outcomes. One of my favourite things about working with Izzy was learning how to activate calm in stressful situations. My mind is no longer preventing me from getting opportunities to play or from seeing the positive aspects of a scenario. I get more playing time and better sleep. If you want to improve confidence and stay calmer and less fearful under pressure, I recommend working with Isabelle.”

Alex Dawson
Baseball Player


“I was anxious, had a fear of failure and not much confidence in myself. It was making me stressed, less happy and affected my sleep. I had heard great things about Isabelle so decided to work with her. I am now comfortable talking to people and have strategies to deal with anxiety. I am confident, more relaxed and sleep better. I am much happier.”

Sam Rampado

lewis brunt testimonial

“I was a freeskier who was afraid of heights and not skiing anywhere near my ability. Isabelle helped me see my strengths and problems that I didn’t know existed. She taught me how to work on my weaknesses and improve my strengths. I have improved my skiing, myself and everything I do. The best thing was that it just happened to improve the sports I love as well. I tripled the size of cliffs I’d been hitting in no time at all! I’ve podium-ed multiple times and compete with the best of the best at invite only competitions. I highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who wants to drastically improve everything about their skiing and learn how to stay calm no matter the stakes.”

Lewis Brunt
NORAM Competitor


“I had thinking patterns which affected my skiing and all aspects of my life. I recommend Isabelle to all competitors who want to become more aggressive, more confident, and go bigger!”

Luc Guarducci

“I have been working with Izzy in preparation for the Aspen Open. With her help, I have become a more confident competitor who is ready to tackle whatever lies ahead – in competitions AND in life.”

Emma Whitman
Professional Skier
Two Time Winner Aspen Open

Gabriella Guarducci Testimonial

“I approached Isabelle as I couldn’t get enough sleep because of stress which was affecting my skiing. I couldn’t focus the day after on tasks or any type of activity. I was always tired! Isabelle helped me to gain confidence, strength, focus, knowledge and intelligence. I now have a lot less emotional meltdowns and have been focusing on me. I’m able to block out negative comments too. I liked Isabelle’s ability to train me to focus and achieve my athletic and academic goals for the year. I’m getting amazing results in skiing and in school. I would recommend Isabelle to people who need to gain a lot more confidence.”

Gabriella Guarducci
North American Championships 2018


“I have had a huge increase in confidence in sport and in life. Using the coaching, my personal and life goals have been reached quicker and easier than ever before. I have conquered major goals (including SWITCH 540’s), that I have been working on for the past 5 years and have more confidence in my big mountain skiing as well. I would recommend Izzy to anybody.”

Brett Dawley
Pro Skier

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