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Professional Athlete Mental Performance Training Packages

elli terwiel Professional Athlete Mental Performance Training Packages

Are You Ready To Take Your Performance To The Next Level?

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Explore These Professional Athlete Mental Performance Training Packages

If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, then you’ll want someone with the knowledge and experience to help you become the athlete you know you can be!

That’s where Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc. comes in. Isabelle is the NHL and Olympic Performance Consultant that works with extremely talented athletes who fear that why are not reaching their potential. As a result of working with her, Isabelle’s athletes sharpen their focus, supercharge their performance and develop consistency and accuracy to dominate in their field. 

Isabelle re-trains the brains of professional athletes in the NHL and Olympic Athletes and knows exactly how to upgrade their performance intelligence rapidly, with long-lasting results. She also provides pro-athletes with her FREE 101 Mental Performance Tips.”

Why Work With An Olympic Performance Consultant?

“Every single leader, Olympic Athlete and NHL Player that I know has had some kind of expert training to get them to the top of their field. Many of those who want to experience consistent success continue to get expert help, even when they are at the top. Great leaders have great relationships with their advisors and experts.” Isabelle Hamptonstone.

If you want to dominate in your field and you want to perform as strong mentally as you do physically, then Isabelle’s unique Mental Performance Training Packages and/or private One To One Breakthrough Training Packages are key to catapulting you the next level… and far beyond.

Do You:

Feel mentally exhausted? Struggle to deal with disappointment?
Find it hard to be consistent? Feel anxious about your performance?
Worry about missing opportunities? Lay awake at night worrying?
Feel overloaded in the brain? Find it hard to focus?
Feel overwhelmed sometimes? Struggle to stay confident?

Then you need to know what makes a GREAT professional athlete:

√ They value their mental performance as much as their physical performance.
√ They take personal responsibility for their success
√ They are all determined to make powerful, positive changes happen, AND  they take action.
√ They step up!
√ Their intention and the right actions produce results – and in some cases, Championships.
√ The key to their success was finding the right tools to help them deal with tough situations and then using them.

You can learn from the best – professional athletes who really know what it is to be Confident – Remember! Great minds think alike!

Here’s How To Get Started!

Before you can begin Private Professional Athlete Coaching – you MUST complete the TWO following necessary prerequisites for working with Isabelle:

STEP #1:



Build Your Confidence and Focus While You Rest and Recharge Audio


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Courage, Risks, And Rewards Online Training Program

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WITH FREE BONUS: Build Your Confidence and Focus While You Rest and Recharge Audio



Assessment and Evaluation

Book a comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation package to address your personal and professional goals and outcomes by drilling down on what’s needed at a deeper level for you to access an Olympic level of mental performance. See package objectives below and REQUEST TIME FOR AN ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION NOW


Objectives of the Assessment and Evaluation may include:

  • Taking objective data to identify roadblocks – uncovering current and historic patterns and challenges.
  • Taking subjective data to identify challenges – recognizing patterns of unnecessary mental stress.
  • How you can be more proactive – rebooting your brain and feeling more confident.
  • How you can perform better – sleeping well and refuelling your mental energy.
  • How to work smarter NOT harder – knowing how to activate a more effective leadership role.
  • How to overcome mental exhaustion – supercharging your self-confidence.
  • How to clear your mind of clutter – feeling secure with a new lust for life.
  • How you can learn from the best so that you get better.
  • How you can stand out from the crowd and stay calmer under intense pressure.
  • How you can mentally dominate in your sport.
  • How to get consistently confident, and develop self-belief, focus, and accuracy.
  • How to improve your judgments both in life and in your sport.
  • How you can become the professional athlete you know you can be and GET NOTICED.

When you EMAIL TO BOOK you will be agreeing to pay for an Assessment and Evaluation at $560.

Once your appointment is complete, keep your eyes peeled for your Discovery Form – to be completed prior to your call.

*Please Note: Assessments and Evaluations are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance. 


Pick THE Package That Works For You!



Per Month
(min 12)


Per Month
(min 12)


Per Month
(min 12)


1 Year In 1 Day
Specific Mental Performance Breakthroughs and Upgrades
Zone On Demand Training
Specific, Measurable Results Guaranteed
Unlimited Email Support
Short Term: Resolve Current Challenges
Long Term: Resolve Underlying Limiting Beliefs
Increased Confidence, Focus and Self Control
Accelerate Performance
Access VIP Dashboard
Monitor Results
Improved Decision Making Under Pressure
Olympic Mindset Training
Short Term: Resolve Current Challenges: Supercharged (12 mths in 1 day)
Long Term: Resolve Underlying Limiting Beliefs: Supercharged (12 mths in 1 day)

Lead with confidence and function at higher order performance levels.
Specific, evidenced, and measured results, guaranteed!


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