Extraordinary Performance Programs For Professionals And Leaders

We provide custom-designed performance intelligence mental training programs where professionals and leaders develop a deep self trust and belief.

Business and Government Leaders achieve specific breakthroughs and results with measurable improvements in individual performance and business outcomes. They reach enhanced levels of confidence whilst sharpening their focus and eliminating mental roadblocks which help them access greater opportunities quickly.

Outcomes positively influence and inspire those around them including employees, staff, friends, family and colleagues. They reach higher levels of leadership and they experience a profound shift in their ability to steer their own ship and enjoy sailing it!

Using our award-winning proprietary signature method The Performance Intelligence Protocol™. Clients benefit from immediate and sustainable results.

“The difference is a matter of months. 18 months of regular counselling compared to ten hours of work with BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro-Athlete Performance Consultants.” Isabelle Hamptonstone

We help Business and Government Leaders develop mental acuity to effect real change, growth and momentum for their organization and/or corporation. Day in and day out, professionally and personally, they develop a higher standard of congruency and stronger relationships with those around them.

Other Benefits:

  • Acceleration of leadership ability.
  • Ability to promote yourself with ease.
  • A greater feeling of control, power and productivity.
  • Ability to access and utilize more opportunities.
  • React more appropriately to stress, anxiety and perform under pressure.
  • Reinforce healthy boundaries.
  • Ability to communicate needs effectively and clearly.

Our Clients Include:

  • Competitive and Professional Athletes – Including Olympians, NHL Players, Coaches and General Managers of Major Teams.
  • Leaders Worldwide.
  • Business Leaders.
  • Public Servants, Government Leaders, Military and RCMP.

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