Do you worry about how the other person will respond to you saying no?


Will they be upset?
Will there be conflict?

These thoughts hold us back from standing our ground and having healthy relationship boundaries.

A recent client of mine shared with me that he had a fear of saying no.

His willingness to please meant that he had become underproductive, a procrastinator, irritable, exhausted, frustrated, terrible delegator, and did not trust others, which caused a lack of confidence and focus.

Sound familiar?

We worked together using my proprietary techniques to reprogram his brain to say no, and greatly released the anxiety that had been with him for many years.

He was able, for the first time, to feel truly confident and focused.

Now that he doesn’t feel anxious about saying no, he’s developing a work/life balance for the very first time.


He has trust in himself and is a more tactical and insightful quicker thinker.

His board members noticed that he is now is more resilient and confident, and he is now recognized as a Leadership Influencer.

Now, there is one thing we can do for ourselves whenever we feel under pressure to say yes – we can make a choice by remembering that saying no to others is saying yes to ourselves.

We have to put in the work in order to reach our full potential. So he started to practice the techniques he had developed.

Isn’t it time you took action?

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, dealing with self-doubt, and a poor work/life balance?

Do you want to become more confident, sleep better, accelerate your performance, and be the successful leader you were always meant to be?