Coaches Shouting At You, Players Chirping At You, Fans Yelling Their ‘Expert’ Opinion?


When it comes to success in hockey and in life, standing strong in the face of outbursts of others is the mark of a great player.

But how do we know when to listen and when to ignore?

Here’s a solid strategy for standing strong:

If the person yelling ‘advice’ is someone who you trust, and you know deep down they have your best interests at heart, it’s good to consider their opinion. Their delivery may be over the top, but their intention may be to truly help you.

Review their suggestions and compare them, and apply their advice to your long-term goals. Ask yourself, do they have a point? Then decide for yourself if what they say can truly help you to become a stronger player.

Develop your own Hockey Confidence by looking at the bigger picture for your success. Ask yourself, can their advice truly help you.

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