What A Year! Are There Any Success Strategies I Can Use To Be Better Prepared?


My goodness, we’ve had it all, hey? A global pandemic, forest fires, flooding…  It’s been emotional. And still is what with recent events!

Very often, the way we process what we’ve experienced is by finding something useful and practical to take forward so that we are better prepared.

I’ve got a list here of the top three success strategies that my clients found were helpful as the last 2 years brought more and more natural challenges.

  1. Be Prepared. Now, this is a difficult one when we’ve faced a situation or we’re facing a situation that we’ve never faced before… Covid anyone? It’s been a long haul. That being said, it is not unusual for us to experience wildfires. One of the greatest sources of relief for one of my clients was when she had all of her important documents and items to take in the event of an evacuation. Interestingly her focus was initially on making sure that her children and animals had everything they needed. I gently pointed out in my own ‘tactful’ way (ahem) that she actually was one of the main resources that her children and animals would need in the event of an emergency. That enables her to focus more equally on what she would need. The internal stress she had building up gave her fuel to get the job done, and she started sleeping better at night knowing that they were all prepared and ready to go.


  1. Stress Management. Of course, our stress levels are going to go sky high when the proverbial hits the fan and the outcome is unknown. The stress management that really worked for another client of mine was one where weekly he took steps to destress and sleep well before the natural challengers showed up. Literally, he took steps, 10,000 of them a day. What he found during 2021 was that because he was already able to manage his existing stress very well, by walking 10,000 steps a day, when the new stress situation came, he was better able to deal with it. The key to stress is to get out ahead of it. Use it as an excuse to get out from the office chair and get some fresh air. You’ll be setting yourself up well to deal with whatever life then decides to throw at us.


  1. Online Social Networks. How do you feel about social media? Some people get exhausted by the constant update in communication and information. Yet, some people can never seem to get off the phone! One way to look at social media is that it’s a little bit like reading a newspaper. Each day will bring you more information and news. Yet, we only really need to read the information that affects us personally.  One of my clients shared the responsibility of keeping up with social media news with three other friends. Each person took one day to scan and share social media information over the phone if it was impacting any of the four families personally. That day the three other friends were able to take a break and feel socially connected and safe as their friendship strengthened through increasing the power of their personal social network. 


The type of challenges that we faced have happened in the past and more challenges are facing us now. It’s human nature to want to build resilience and confidence and know-how to deal with these types of events. It’s absolutely OK to be stressed. It’s also OK to put that stress to good use, using that energy to pull many positives out of some really tough situations.

Remember! Some of the success strategies above will help you deal with the types of stress that can show up this year too.

These 5 Practical Ways To Manage Stress will help too.

Till next time, take good care of you for me,

Warmest, Izzy.

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