Picturing An Outcome Is A Key Way To Focus On Results And Supercharge Your Hockey.


Visualizations are used to prepare the mind and the body to score that goal, to win that faceoff, to get the puck in the net.

When you have a clear mental image to succeed at a goal, you have a much higher probability of achieving it.

There is a way to hone your focus and supercharge your hockey visualizations, making them far more effective in achieving the results you desire.

It intensifies your visualizations to become multidimensional by incorporating your senses.

Here’s how:

Supercharge Your Hockey

• Take 10 minutes, using all of your senses, to visualize your desired outcome – what you would see, hear, feel taste, and smell as a result of achieving a goal. Here’s an example from one of my private coaching clients, an NHL guy, “when I score this goal, I will see the puck hit the back of the net! I will hear the crowd go wild! I will taste the sweet smell of success!”

• Now break down your goal second by second, adding all your senses to each one of them, and visualize a successful start to a successful finish.

This technique will sharpen your focus to see exactly the steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goal. You will be able to raise your game to meet the challenge that you face, to see the results you desire, much more clearly. You will develop your own Hockey Confidence.

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