The Three Levels Leadership Model


Whether you are a CEO, business owner, or coach, the Three Levels Leadership Model will help you to improve your leadership skills. It will also enable you to grow, and develop yourself as a more effective leader.

The three P’s of this model are Public, Private, and Personal Leadership. And, according to the model, you need to work on all three levels to be effective.

The Three P’s in Summary:

1. Public Leadership: This is when you need to focus on the behaviors you need to influence a group of two or more people. It is about leading and driving a team to collectively get results.

2. Private Leadership: This is when you need to focus on the behaviors you need to influence an individual. A person who has certain traits, behaviors, skills, and emotions that are unique to them.

3. Personal Leadership: This is when you need to have self-belief and confidence in your own skills and abilities. It means you are present and aware and can control your emotions, moods, and habits. Mastering Personal Leadership will make you more effective in both the Private and Public Leadership roles.


Tip 1: The key is to work on and practice your Personal Leadership. Become aware of your attitude towards others. Develop your presence and leadership skills. Identify your areas of weakness and work on them over time to build trust. Be adaptable and show up as a complete version of yourself.

Removing the cause of your own stress and anxiety, in any situation, will mean that you can give people your undivided attention. You can be honest and respectful and allow your true personality to flow. People on the receiving end will feel your authenticity, self-belief, and confidence, and have respect for your leadership and decision-making abilities.

Tip 2: The journey of self-development can be challenging. It can also be difficult to identify your weaknesses and recognize what’s holding you back. Seek advice and the reflection of others. With professional help, you can retrain the brain to release the root causes of your emotional triggers and enhance your Personal Leadership Performance FAST

Personal Growth is a lifelong journey – developing yourself by addressing limiting beliefs, emotions, and unconscious habits WILL lead to a powerful self-mastery.

Isn’t it time you took action?

If you need more than good tips for coping with your personal leadership skills and want to deal with the limiting beliefs and self-doubt that cause your anxiety and stress, get in touch.

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