A HERO: A person who is admired for courage and achievement, and can often show incredible leadership skills.

Right from a young age our heroes influence us, inspire us, and become important role models that help us to develop our personal values.

Who was your hero growing up? How did they influence your view of the world and your value within it?

Last week, I met two young lads that are heroes for being kind, hardworking, and caring.

On June 25th, I was extremely proud to present my Unsung Hero Awards to these two chosen students of Sun Peaks Elementary School.

I present these awards each year to acknowledge students who weren’t just good students, but good members of the school community who stood out to their teachers and peers for being kind and considerate.

This year, Lucas Holowatiuk and Tighe Kramer were selected for showing kindness, helping others, for their great academic performance, and more.

Unsung-Hero-TigheLeft to Right: Amber Grey, Tighe Kramer, and Isabelle Hampton-Stone

Left to Right: Amber Grey, Lucas Holowatiuk and Isabelle Hampton-Stone

Teacher Amber Grey helped with the presentations as COVID-19 is still impacting classroom operations, so families and other staff joined me virtually via Zoom to celebrate their accomplishments.

Lucas and Tighe are true definitions of unsung heroes. Their mental performance, determination, problem-solving, genuine, compassionate, and hardworking personalities, have had a powerful impact on those around them.

They are truly deserving of this award.

Congratulations Lucas and Tighe – I wonder who their heroes are?

Great leaders and true heroes all experience journeys where they deal with what holds them back.  They chose their guides carefully. Those guides help them transform by developing skills in self-leadership.

Isn’t it time you took action?

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, dealing with self-doubt, and a poor work/life balance?

Do you want to become more confident, sleep better, accelerate your performance, and be the successful leader you were always meant to be?